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Current Drain Characterization for Wireless Handsets

Battery operating time and current drain characterization is a top priority for all aspects of handset design & development.

With ever expanding capabilities such as video streaming, text messaging and music downloads, today´s cell phones are packed with features that delight consumers. For the cell phone designer, these features translate into higher demand for battery power and a need to perform current drain measurements and analysis.

The 14565B device characterization software and 66319B/D or 66321B/D Series mobile communication DC sources provide a powerful solution for visualizing and analyzing cell phone current drain in all phases of the design cycle.

Now featuring programmability the 14565B can be integrated with test executives. This allows you to "automate" your testing by controlling your RF stimulus (Keysight E5515C) and measuring current drain (14565B+66319D or 66321D) from the same test program. By using Keysight´s Wireless Test Manager Software you can quickly build automated tests with minimal effort by dragging and dropping commands into a test sequence. Supported applications include Keysight´s Wireless Test Manager, Keysight VEE, NI LABVIEW, etc.

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Solutions For Wireless Handset Battery Drain Characterization 
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Using specialized tools and analysis techniques can help you create mobile-device designs that extend battery life and improve your productivity.

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Evaluating Battery Run-down Performance of the 66319D and the 14565B (AN 1427) 
This application note describes how to easily and accurately evaluate the performance of a mobile wireless device while being directly powered by its battery.

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Current Drain Analysis Enhances WLAN Network Card Design and Test - Application Note 
This application note explains how to simplify the complex task of accurately measuring and evaluating the current drain of a WLAN network card for its various operating modes.

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