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Handset Filter & Duplexer

Today’s mobile phones include multiple radios that enable multi-mode capabilities and support multi-band transmissions. As a result, those handsets utilize a variety of sophisticated filters and duplexers. To ensure dependable connections, filters must provide low insertion loss and more than 60 dB of noise blocking. Test frequencies reach up to 3.8 GHz for LTE and up to 5 GHz for Wi-Fi.

Characterization may be performed on-wafer, which requires fast, multi-device measurements, or during final test, which requires fast, detailed measurements. In both cases, inadequate measurement stability can affect yields and require frequent calibration operations.

The next-generation Keysight E5080A ENA Series network analyzer provides high quality testing and fast measurement speeds. The E5080A helps you reduce test times in high-volume production, enhance yields with lower trace noise and save time with fewer calibrations.

Keysight offers design, simulation and test capability for all of your component design and test needs.

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E5080A Network Analyzer & E5092A Configurable Multiport Test Set - Data Sheet 
This literature describes the technical specifications for E5080A and E5092A.

Fiche signalétique 2018-01-29

Network Analyzer - Selection Guide 
Provides an overview of Keysight’s network analyzer families, recommended solutions for various applications, related network analyzer products, and a comparison of specifications and features.

Guide de sélection 2018-01-11

Advanced Design System - Brochure 
This Brochure highlights the features of Keysight EEsof EDA's Advanced Design System (ADS); the industry's premier RF, Microwave and High-Speed Design platform.

Brochure 2017-07-28

E5080A ENA Vector Network Analyzer & E5092A Configurable Multiport Test Set - Configuration Guide 
This configuration guide describes standard configurations, options, accessories and peripherals for the E5080A network analyzers.

Guide de configuration 2017-07-26

E5080A ENA Series Network Analyzer - Brochure 
This brochure introduces the Keysight E5080A ENA series network analyzer that is our next-generation ENA, providing best-in-class performance, flexible functionality and advanced usability.

Brochure 2017-07-12

Drive Down the Cost of Test Using the ENA Series Vector Network Analyzers - Application Note 
Discussion of the contributions of the Keysight ENA series vector network analyzer to drive down the cost of test in production lines. Including an in depth analysis of the total cost of ownership.

Notes d’application 2017-07-05

Introducing Keysight E5080A ENA Vector Network Analyzer - Demo 
This video introduces the Keysight E5080A ENA vector network analyzer, which has the new touch-based GUI and offers the industry’s best combination of RF measurement performance and speed.

Démonstration de base 2015-02-12

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