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Industry Primary Impedance Measurement System (iPIMMS) – What is it? 
In 2005 Keysight Technologies' facility at South Queensferry in the United Kingdom was the first calibration laboratory to be granted ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation for an internet-enabled technology to make measurements of complex reflection and transmission coefficient parameters.

FAQ 2015-03-16

Best Measurement Capability (BMC) Ousted in Favor of Calibration & Measurement Capability (CMC) 
By international agreement, the phrase traditionally used by calibration labs to describe the accuracy which they can achieve in their measurements was replaced during 2010.

FAQ 2013-03-14

Uncertainty Calculators. What is the Accuracy of My Measurements? 
Whether you are a novice or experienced user of Keysight test equipment, you may sometimes need more details to answer the question “How accurate are these measurements?” Learn more important details and download the following uncertainty calculators.

FAQ 2013-02-28

Vector Network Analyzer Uncertainty Calculator, What is the Accuracy of My Measurements? 
No matter whether you are an experienced or novice user of vector automatic network analyzers, you may have asked "How accurate are these measurements?"

FAQ 2013-01-13

How can the memory in the ENA be erased for security purposes? 

FAQ 2012-04-17