Automotive Radar has become a standard feature of mid-class cars and the radar technology continues to evolve, with higher frequencies, wider bandwidths, better resolution, and multiple targets. There are many challenges during the test setup when working with mmWave frequencies such as 79 GHz radar. You need to consider the test setup, ultra-wideband mmWave measurements, signal-to-noise (SNR) loss as well as emerging standard requirements per region for interference testing.

The Keysight E8740A automotive radar signal analysis and generation solution performs analysis and generation of automotive radar signals across full frequency ranges for 24GHz, 77 GHz and 79 GHz radar and provides scalable analysis bandwidth from 2.5 GHz to > 5 GHz, depending on test requirements.

The foundation is Keysight’s leadership in millimeter-wave technology and Keysight’s unique and powerful sequencing software that enables immediate access to a series of different standards and tests.

  • The automation software platform for Automotive Radar enables specific test cases across standards, recommended tests and hardware configurations.
  • An Interference test configuration is available complete with software to help automate the complex calibration and test setup.

There is 1 solution configuration for signal generation, and 6 solution configurations for analyzing automotive radar signals, depending on test requirements and budget. You can expand your test capabilities by integrating the Keysight W1908 SystemVue automotive radar library software for simulation of multi-target detection and automotive radar 3D scan.

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