Reduce measurement uncertainty by correcting the impact of test fixtures and distortion on the VXG M9384B/M9484C or MXG N5186A.


  • Remove the effects of test fixtures, including cables, connectors, and other passive components, between the VXG and the device under test
  • Add corrections from a file or measured directly with a supported power meter, spectrum analyzer, or network analyzer
  • Keysight supports tiered PathWave signal generation models with N-model applications (N7653APPC with prefix "N") for high-performance HW platforms: VXG-C M9484C, VXG-B M9384B, and VXG-m M9383B,  E-model applications (E7653APPC with prefix "E") for mid-range HW platform: MXG N5186A. 
  • Higher-tiered models can run on lower tiered HW platforms, but not vice versa. For example, N-7653APPC could run on MXG N5186A, but E7653APPC cannot run on VXG-C M9484C
  • Improve modulation quality at high power levels with instrument nonlinear correction


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