Test/Flash Libraries - AwareTest xi Library Release 1

The information that follows pertains to:


Keysight AwareTest xi Keysight 3070 software rev. B.03.50 and later.


Keysight 3070 Family Test Systems or Test Development Center (HP-UX only).

36 standard libraries have been modified to allow for significant probe removal during AwareTest xi test development. You may choose particular devices from the table below, or you may download the entire library in compressed format (see download instructions below).

To use these modified libraries:

  1. Download the awarelibs.tar.gz file to your HP-UX based 3070 Family Test System or Test Development Center.
  2. Create a new directory, /hp3070/library/awaretest.
  3. Copy awarelibs.tar.gz to the awaretest directory created above.
  4. Extract the library files from the tar file using the tar command:

    tar -xvf awarelibs.tar

    Note: The tar file contains information to build the correct directory structure underneath the awaretest directory.
  5. Ensure that the new library path is reflected in your "board_defaults" file. The awaretest library directory should be searched prior to other standard library directories.