System Requirements

  • A Pentium PC with Windows NT 4.0.1 Note: Windows NT 4.0 MUST have Service Pack 3 or later installed. To check the version on your PC look on the Task bar under Start, Programs, Administrative Tools, Windows NT Diagnostics.
  • If you want to make actual measurements, you'll also need a GPIB card for your PC and maybe a VXI card depending on what hardware you're using. If you are using Keysight I/O Libraries you will need version G.02.01 or later (download from this page). Note: You can run the software in the default "Demo" mode and make simulated measurements without any instruments or I/O hardware.

1Pentium is a U.S. registered trademark of Intel Corporation.

Windows NT is a U.S. registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

Keysight I/O Libraries G.02.01

You need to have this installed before using the Keysight E5500A with GPIB instruments. Be sure to run the Config Utility to configure your card and then use the Asset Manager in the Keysight E5500A to configure system assets on the GPIB bus. Save this file on your PC and then run it to install the software.

hpiolibs.exe PC Format (DOS), 8.0MB, 1998

Keysight는 가능한 최신 버전을 사용하는 것을 권장하며, 최신 버전에는 현재 사용 가능한 가장 최신 버그 수정 및 보안 패치가 포함되어 있습니다.
릴리스 날짜 버젼 버전 설명
2004-02-20 n/a hpiolibs.exe
릴리스 날짜 버젼
2004-02-20 n/a
Version Description

다운로드 방법

  • See Above

설치 방법

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  • Does Not Require a License

Installs on: PC

운영 체제

  • Windows NT

선결 조건

  • Information Not Available

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  • E5500A
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