There are many ways power problems can effect your equipment.

NATURAL DISASTERS - Fires, earthquakes and other natural disasters can cause major problems with utility ac power.

MOTORS AND GENERATORS - Motors turning on and off, HVAC systems cycling, electronic ballasts for lighting, power tool motors, thermal ovens cycling, air compressor can all generate ac power disturbances and distortion.

EXTREME WEATHER CONDITIONS - Weather related problems like ice storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, can wreak havoc in ac power utilities and their services, thus interrupting your ac power.

OFFICE MACHINES - Office appliances like copy machines, thermal printers, and computers all contribute to ac power distortion. These appliances typically cycle through different modes of operation that cause non-linear currents to be drawn from the ac power source.

AC/DC SWITCHING POWER SUPPLIES - These power supplies, found in business and consumer appliances, telecom products, medical products, etc., are major contributors to ac power distortion because they draw non-linear current from the power source which results in current harmonics and voltage and current phase shifts.

MOTOR VEHICLE ACCIDENTS - Motor vehicle accidents are a major cause of unexpected and temporary ac power outages.

POWER DEMANDS - Power Utility companies are being pushed beyond capacity. These overloads can cause brownouts, surges and sags, and in extreme cases blackouts.