We want to stay connected—connected to our family, our work and each other, even when we are on the move. This demand drives the development of ever smaller, more integrated and reliable devices, as well as more prevalent and continually expanding networks. Enabling the development of devices and networks is the creation of new wireless communication standards and waves of continuous improvement to existing standards. Keysight participates in many of the standards organizations and works with countless design, development, integration and manufacturing engineers to provide the best tools in the industry. So, as you take wireless connectivity forward, Keysight clears the way.

Type Title Author
Research Collaborations Future Transportation Systems: Test System for Electric Vehicles Nanda Pradipta Kusumadi, Seah Hong Chuan Eugene, Keysight - National University of Singapore Engineering Excellence Competition Program, 18 May 2011
Research Collaborations A Patient Tracking System for Hospitals Soh Yiyong, Koh Kai Hung, Keysight - National University of Singapore Engineering Excellence Competition Program, 18 May 2011
Research Collaborations Intelligent Assistive Instrument for Respiratory Function Ye WeiJie, Liang Xiao He, Keysight - National University of Singapore Engineering Excellence Competition Program, 18 May 2011
Research Collaborations Smart and Sustainable Cities: Harvesting of Energy from the Environment Dong Zibo, Xia Longke, Keysight - National University of Singapore  Engineering Excellence Competition Program, 18 May 2011
Technical Articles Diversity Analysis of Equal Gain Transmission for Single-user and Multi-user MIMO Rizwan Ghaffar, Raymond Knopp, IEEE Globecomm 2010, Miami, Florida, USA, December 2010.
Technical Articles Evaluate Antenna Measurement Methods John Hansen, Vince Rodriguez, Microwaves & RF, ED Online ID #23054, October 2010.
Technical Articles Making Multi-user MIMO work for LTE Rizwan Ghaffar, Raymond Knopp, IEEE PIMRC 2010, Istambul, Turkey, September 2010
Technical Articles The MIMO Antenna: Unseen, Unloved, Untested! Moray Rumney, Microwave Journal, August 2010
Technical Articles Relative Channel Reciprocity Calibration in MIMO/TDD Systems Florian Kaltenberger, Haiyon Jiang, Maxime Guillaud and Raymond Knopp, Future Network and Mobile Summit, Florence, Italy, June 2010
Technical Articles Near Optimal Linear Precoder for Multi-user MIMO for Discrete Alphabets Rizwan Ghaffar, Raymond Knopp, IEEE ICC 2010, Cape Town, South Africa, June 2010
Technical Articles Strategies for Handling High Peak Power in LTE Transmitters Ben Zarlingo and Moray Rumney, ECN, 7 April 2010
Technical Articles Using Base Station and MIMO Channel Emulators to Characterize Performance of a Mobile WiMAX Device Michael Lawton and Peter Cain, Microwave Journal , 11 January 2010
Technical Articles Keysight Cognitive Radio Algorithm Development and Testing Greg Jue and Bob Cutler, Keysight Technologies, 5 August 2009
Research Collaborations Keysight Technologies to Collaborate with Southeast University - China to Research 3GPP-LTE Systems Performance Keysight Press Release, 14 July 2009
Technical Articles Practical RF Amplifier Design Using the Available Gain Procedure and the Advanced Design System EM/Circuit Co-Simulation Capability Ken Payne, RF Globalnet, July 2009
Technical Articles Dual Channel MIMO Measurements for WiMAX™ Wave 2 Ben Zarlingo, Wireless Design & Development, June 2009
Technical Articles New Solutions Put Wireless to the Test Robin Irwin, Mobile Development & Design, June 2009
Technical Articles 3-D Simulator is Integrated with ADS to Lower Cost of Design How-Siang Yap and Hee-Soo Lee, High Frequency Electronics,  June 2009, Page 38
Technical Articles Understanding the Impact of Spatial Effects on MIMO Wireless Channels Wilkie Yu, RF Globalnet, May 2009
Technical Articles TD-LTE Technology and its Measurements Yvonne Liu and Bai Ying, RF Globalnet, May 2009
Technical Articles Repeatable Characterization of Distortion Caused by Nonlinearities in Wideband Communication Systems Steve Pettis and Pete Thysell, Microwave Product Digest, May  2009
Technical Articles Exploring Terahertz Measurement, Imaging and Spectroscopy - The Electromagnetic Spectrum's Final Frontier Roger Stancliff, John Cunningham, Ian Robertson, Roger D. Pollard, Keysight Measurement Journal, Issue 4, 2008

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