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Foundry Partner OMMIC - Fabian Robert

OMMIC Provides PDKs for Keysight ADS — Fabian Robert, Ph.D., COO describes how OMMIC partners with Keysight Technologies.

OMMIC has provided an open foundry service for over 20 years and has a large customer base in Europe, the Americas and Asia. Using a Foundry is not just a question of providing a technology, but is about being able and willing to support the user at all stages in the development of the MMIC product. This can be training or consulting, verification and checking, processing, on wafer test, packaging, device evaluation or qualification. This is what OMMIC calls its "FAB+" Service.

OMMIC has three principal HEMT processes in full production and has been introducing other processes including mHEMT and HBT. These services enable cut-off frequencies as high as 400 GHz via the mHEMT technology. The latest processes include GaN-on-silicon 100nm.

Access is available through complete mask sets or shared wafers a cost effective way to experience a new design topology or a new technology through a limited number of samples.

OMMIC, in addition of their foundry service, provides standard products and custom design service based on customer specifications.
The ADS PDK support matrix is given below:

OMMIC Process Design Kits
Process Name Process Description Latest ADS Version Supported Front/Back PDK EM Substrate MMIC Toolbar DRC LVS -
ED02AH E/D-Mode PHEMT 2016 F/B Y Y Y N N N
D01PH  D-Mode Power PHEMT 2020 F/B Y Y Y Y Y
D01MH  D-Mode Mid-Power Low Noise MHEMT  2016 F/B Y Y Y N N N
D007IH  D-Mode Ultra Low Noise MHEMT  2022 Update 2.0 F/B Y Y Y Y Y N
D01GH and D006GH D-Mode GaN HEMT  2020 F/B Y Y Y Y Y Y

The OMMIC PDKs are distributed by OMMIC and are available for immediate use with the Keysight ADS software.

Contact your foundry partner directly for downloading the latest ADS PDKs. OMMIC