NOTE: BenchVue Licenses Included with Instruments are Licensed for Single User.

BenchVue software

Keysight BenchVue software for the PC eliminates many of the issues around bench testing. By making it simple to connect, control instruments, and automate test sequences you can quickly move past the test development phase and access results faster than ever before. Dedicated instrument apps allow you to quickly configure the most commonly used measurements and setups for each instrument family.

For an overview of BenchVue software, visit the BenchVue home page.

BenchVue licenses included with instruments

We’re in the midst of transitioning Keysight BenchVue Included License to Keysight BenchVue Basic Software in phases.
The redemption of PathWave BenchVue software which comes included with the purchase of applicable instruments is being simplified to make it easier.

Below are the highlighted changes that you will observe:

  1. Starting from PathWave BenchVue Platform version 2022.1, the BenchVue Included license activation process has been removed.
  2. New software installers called as “PathWave BenchVue Basic” will be made available. You can download PathWave BenchVue Basic for free and control your instruments at
  3. License installations are no longer required for all the PathWave BenchVue Basic installers.
  4. PathWave BenchVue Basic apps provides you with unlimited access and features.
  5. All the PathWave BenchVue Basic installers are one version older than the latest version available in the paid licensed version.
  6. There will be no support available for PathWave BenchVue Basic users.
  7. You can get the latest version of PathWave BenchVue software and support by purchasing the licensed version of the app.
The Pathwave BenchVue Basic installers will be made available in phases, starting with PathWave BenchVue
(Digital Multimeter, Power Supply, Function Generator, Oscilloscope Data Acquisition app).  

For other PathWave BenchVue apps that are not available as PathWave BenchVue Basic, please follow the steps below:
Step 1: Download the previous version(2022 or before) of the PathWave BenchVue platform at BenchVue Installation Wizard | Keysight
            to redeem the BenchVue Included license.
Step 2: Redeem and install the BenchVue Included license within the app. See instructions to redeem and activation BenchVue Included License.
Keysight instruments started including BenchVue licenses June 1, 2019. Instruments purchased after June 1, are eligible for a BenchVue license. These licenses can be activated from BenchVue with only the model and serial number of your instruments. (Note: These are not applicable for PathWave BenchVue Basic installers. PathWave BenchVue Basic | Keysight)  

What instrument types include BenchVue licenses?

DMM InfiniiVision Oscilloscopes
Function Generators Power Meters Power Sensors
DAQ USB Modular Instruments
DC Power Supplies/SMU Universal Counters
Electronic Loads  

Eligible Instruments and apps

Product Category Models Including a BenchVue license BenchVue App that is included Eligible Units
Digital Multimeters (11) 34401A, 34405A, 34410A, 34411A, 34420A, 34450A, 34460A, 34461A,
34465A, 34470A, EDU34450A

BenchVue Basic Digital Multimeter App

Not Applicable
Function Generators (18) 33509B, 33510B, 33511B, 33512B, 33519B, 33520B, 33521B, 33522B,
33611A, 33612A, 33621A, 33622A
EDU33211A, EDU33212A
33210A, 33220A, 81150A, 81160A

BenchVue Basic Function Generator App

Not Applicable
DC Power Supplies & Source Measure Units (217) B2901A, B2902A, B2911A, B2912A, B2961A, B2962A
E36102A, E36103A, E36104A, E36105A, E36106A, E36102B, E36103B,
E36104B, E36105B, E36106B
E36231A, E36232A, E36233A, E36234A, E36311A, E36312A, E36313A
E3631A, E3632A, E3633A, E3634A, E3640A, E3641A, E3642A
E3643A, E3644A, E3645A, E3646A, E3647A, E3648A, E3649A
N5741A, N5742A, N5743A, N5744A, N5745A, N5746A, N5747A,
N5748A, N5749A, N5750A, N5751A, N5752A, N5761A, N5762A,
N5763A, N5764A, N5765A, N5766A, N5767A, N5768A, N5769A,
N5770A, N5771A, N5772A
N6700A/B/C, N6701A/C, N6702A/C, N6705A/B/C,N6785A, N6786A
N6950A, N6951A, N6952A, N6953A, N6954A, N6970A, N6971A,
N6972A, N6973A, N6974A, N6976A, N6977A, N7950A, N7951A
N7952A, N7953A, N7954A, N7970A, N7971A, N7972A, N7973A,
N7974A, N7976A, N7977A
N8731A, N8732A, N8733A, N8734A, N8735A, N8736A, N8737A,
N8738A, N8739A, N8740A, N8741A, N8742A, N8754A, N8755A,
N8756A, N8757A, N8758A, N8759A, N8760A, N8761A, N8762A,
N8920A, N8921A, N8922A, N8923A, N8924A, N8925A, N8926A,
N8927A, N8928A, N8929A, N8930A, N8931A, N8932A, N8933A,
N8934A, N8935A, N8936A, N8937A, N8940A, N8941A, N8942A,
N8943A, N8944A, N8945A, N8946A, N8947A, N8948A, N8949A
N8950A, N8951A, N8952A, N8953A, N8954A, N8955A, N8956A,
N8957A, RP7951A,RP7952A, RP7953A, RP7961A, RP7962A, RP7963A,
B2901B, B2901BL, B2902B, B2910B, B2911B, B2912B, B2961B, B2962B,
N6731B, N6741B, N6732B, N6742B, N6733B, N6743B, N6773A
N6734B,N6744B,N6774A,N6735B,N6745B, N6775A,N6736B,N6746B,
N6776A,N6777A,N6751A,N6752A,N6753A,N6754A,N6755A, N6756A
RP7972A, RP7973A
RP7982A, RP7983A, RP7984A, E36154A, E36155A
BenchVue Basic Power Supply App Not Applicable
Oscilloscopes(182) DSOX1202A,DSOX1202G,DSOX1204A,DSOX1204G,
DSO-X 2002A,DSO-X 2004A,DSO-X 2012A,DSO-X 2014A,DSO-X 2022A,
DSO-X 2024A,MSO-X 2002A,MSO-X 2004A,MSO-X 2012A,MSO-X 2014A,
MSO-X 2022A,MSO-X 2024A,
DSO-X 3012A,DSO-X 3014A,DSO-X 3024A,DSO-X 3032A,DSO-X 3034A,
DSO-X 3052A,DSO-X 3054A,DSO-X 3102A,DSO-X 3104A,MSO-X 3012A,
MSO-X 3014A,MSO-X 3024A,MSO-X 3032A,MSO-X 3034A,MSO-X 3052A,
MSO-X 3054A,MSO-X 3102A,MSO-X 3104A,
DSO-X 3012T,DSO-X 3014T,DSO-X 3022T,DSO-X 3024T,DSO-X 3032T,
DSO-X 3034T,DSO-X 3052T,DSO-X 3054T,DSO-X 3102T,DSO-X 3104T,
DSO-X 4022A,DSO-X 4024A,DSO-X 4032A,DSO-X 4034A,DSO-X 4052A,
DSO-X 4054A,DSO-X 4104A,DSO-X 4154A ,
MSO-X 4022A,MSO-X 4024A,
MSO-X 4032A,MSO-X 4034A,MSO-X 4052A,MSO-X 4054A,MSO-X
MSO-X 4154A,
DSO-X 6002A, DSO-X 6004A
MSO-X 6002A, MSO-X 6004A
DSO91304A, DSOX91304A,DSOX91604A,DSOX92004A,DSOX92004Q,
DSOX92504A, DSOX92504Q,DSOX92804A,DSOX93204A,DSOX93304Q,
DSOX95004Q, DSOX96204Q,MSOX91304A,MSOX91604A,MSOX92004A,
MSOX92504A, MSOX92804A,MSOX93204A,
DSA91304A, DSAX91304A,DSAX91604A,DSAX92004A,DSAX92004Q,
DSAX92504A, DSAX92504Q,DSAX92804A,DSAX93304Q,DSAX95004Q,
DSA V084A,DSA V134A,DSA V164A,DSA V204A,DSA V254A,DSA V334A,
DSO V084A,DSO V134A,DSO V164A,DSO V204A,DSO V254A,DSO V334A,
MSO V084A,MSO V134A,MSO V164A,MSO V204A,MSO V254A,MSO V334A,
DSA Z204A,DSA Z254A,DSA Z334A,DSA Z504A,DSA Z634A,DSO Z204A,
DSO Z254A,
DSO Z334A,DSO Z504A,DSO Z634A.
MXR054A, MXR104A, MXR204A, MXR254A, MXR404A, MXR604A, MXR058A,
MXR108A,MXR208A, MXR258A, MXR408A, MXR608A
MSO-X 3012G, MSO-X 3014G, MSO-X 3022G, MSO-X 3024G, MSO-X 3032G,
MSO-X 3034G, MSO-X 3052G, MSO-X 3054G, MSO-X 3102G, MSO-X 3104G
DSO-X 3012G, DSO-X 3014G, DSO-X 3022G, DSO-X 3024G, DSO-X 3032G,
DSO-X 3034G, DSO-X 3052G, DSO-X 3054G, DSO-X 3102G, DSO-X 3104G   
BenchVue Basic Power Oscilloscope App Not Applicable
Data Acquisition Units (5)
34970A, 34972A, 34980A, DAQ970A, DAQ973A BenchVue Basic Data Acquisition App Not Applicable
Power Meters/Sensors (57) N1911A, N1912A, N1913A, N1914A, N8262A, L2051XA, L2052XA, L2053XA, L2054XA, L2055XA, L2056XA, L2057XA, L2061XA, L2062XA, L2063XA, L2064XA, L2065XA, L2066XA, L2067XA, L2065XT, L2066XT, L2067XT, U2000A, U2000B, U2000H, U2001A, U2001B, U2001H, U2002A, U2002H, U2004A, U2021XA, U2022XA, U2041XA, U2042XA, U2043XA, U2044XA, U2049XA, U2051XA, U2052XA, U2053XA, U2054XA, U2055XA, U2056XA, U2057XA, U2061XA, U2062XA, U2063XA, U2064XA, U2065XA, U2066XA, U2067XA, U8481A, U8485A, U8487A, U8488A, U8489A BV0007B Power Meter/Power Sensor Control & Analysis App Manufactured after Jan 2017
Electronic Loads (5) N3300A, N3301A, EL33133A, EL34143A, EL34243A BV0012B Electronic Load Control & Automation App  
Universal Counters (3) 53210A, 53220A, 53230A BV0011B Universal Counter Control & Automation App Purchased after June 2019
USB Modular Digital Multimeters(1) U2741A BV0021B BenchVue USB Modular Digital Multimeter Pro App Manufactured after Jan 2015
USB Modular Function Generators (1) U2761A BV0022B BenchVue USB Modular Function Generator Pro App Manufactured after Jan 2015
USB Modular Source Measure Units (2) U2722A, U2723A BV0023B BenchVue USB Modular SMU Pro App Manufactured after Jan 2015
USB Modular Oscilloscopes (2) U2701A, U2702A BV0024B BenchVue USB Modular Oscilloscope Pro App Manufactured after Jan 2015
USB Modular Data Acquisition Units (13) U2351A, U2352A, U2353A, U2354A, U2355A, U2356A, U2331A, U2531A, U2541A, U2542A, U2651A, U2652A, U2653A BV0025B BenchVue USB Modular DAQ Pro App Manufactured after Jan 2015