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Hall 4 Booth #208
NürnbergMesse / Messezentrum Nürnberg
Messeplatz 1
90471 Nürnberg, Germany

Date and Time

14 - 16 March 2023

Keysight exhibitions at embedded world 2023

Electrical Performance Scan

Launch of the new Keysight PathWave high-speed digital (HSD) applications, called electrical performance scan (EP-Scan). EP-Scan is a standalone software that provides electromagnetic (EM) simulation of signal nets, channel return loss, insertion loss, and impedance time domain reflection (TDR). EP-Scan can also automate the performance comparison between different design versions, and generate simulation reports. It performs analysis on the actual layout output files that go to production.

PathWave HSD Apps EP-Scan on Laptop

IoT and Embedded Systems

Experience the Keysight IoT device battery life optimization solution. The X8712A consists of a DC power analyzer, 20 W or 80 W battery drain analyzer source / measure unit (SMU) modules, RF event detector, and dedicated software in one integrated platform. For WLAN and Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) devices, the Keysight IOT8700 Series IoT wireless test is a complete solution. Request a demonstration from a Keysight expert at the booth to see how it can help you.

High-Speed Digital Test

Each generational change introduces new test challenges for your digital designs. You need to test your high-speed digital designs across all product development stages: design, simulation, analysis, debugging, and compliance test. We can help you anticipate test challenges, optimize performance, and accelerate time to market for your high-speed computing interfaces. Ensure PCIe® design success and integrity of your measurements with a complete PCI Express® solution, showing true design performance. Keysight helps you improve time to market and streamlines your path to PCIe success with scalable solutions from emulation to transmitter and receiver, interconnect test, and protocol. Please take the opportunity to talk to a Keysight expert at our booth and see the Keysight Infiniium UXR-Series oscilloscopes and compliance test solutions.

Infiniium UXR‑Series Oscilloscopes

Lab-Class Oscilloscopes

The Keysight Infiniium EXR and MXR-Series lab oscilloscopes are your window into the intricate interactions of complex designs. Both devices offer illuminating views of all your crucial signals, and help you go from symptom to root cause to resolution in minutes versus hours. Using the same hardware acceleration ASIC as the Keysight Infiniium UXR-Series (up to 110 GHz technology), each series accelerates eye plots and measurements with the accurate signal integrity that you have come to expect from Keysight. The EXR and MXR-Series oscilloscopes enable you to future-proof your budget because they are fully upgradeable, including the number of channels (up to eight) and bandwidth up to 6 GHz. Find out more at our booth.

Next-Generation Bench

Demand more from your bench instruments. Keysight's next-generation bench instruments enable accurate testing on new measurement challenges engineers face today. From the typical multimeter to increasingly higher output power supplies, and precision source measurement units (SMUs) to the latest oscilloscopes that have powered insights worldwide, Keysight significantly expands your bench testing capabilities.

Smart Bench Essentials Test Instruments
BenchVue Advanced Battery Test Software

Battery Test and Emulation

Battery drain analysis, testing, and emulation are among the biggest needs today tasks that must be performed accurately to characterize battery consumption and runtime. Keysight’s latest solutions deliver accurate characterization in the most demanding battery-operated conditions enabling precise battery profile creation and flexible battery emulation to test your devices.

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