Keysight enables innovators to push the boundaries of engineering by quickly solving design, emulation, and test challenges. Whether you’re looking to accelerate autonomous vehicle (AV), electric vehicle (EV), or automotive electronics testing, Keysight delivers intelligent insights to reduce risk and speed time to market on what’s possible for the future of AVs / EVs.

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Scienlab Battery Test System in Lab

Battery Test

The Scienlab Energy Storage Discover (ESD) battery test software supports the entire research and development process of any battery cell, module, and pack. Keysight PathWave Lab Operations for battery test ensures optimized test lab operations by efficiently managing resources, hardware, and information. Comprehensive functions provided by the solution support the planning and execution of test procedures of battery test systems and devices under test.

Radar Scene Emulation

Radar Scene Emulation (RSE)

Sharpen your ADAS radar vision with the RSE. This solution combines hundreds of miniature radar target simulators into a scalable screen that can emulate objects up to 512-pixel resolution and at distances as close as 1.5 meters. This breakthrough solution overcomes conventional radar sensor test solutions that have a limited field-of-view (FOV) and the inability to simulate objects at distances less than four meters.

Vehicle Network Validation

Vehicle Networks Validation

Keysight in-vehicle network test hardware and software-based solution testing waveform, linearity, and jitter of high-speed transmit compliance of 10GBASE-T1. The network-attached storage (NAS) network protocol testing solutions for AS, Qav, Qbv, Qbu, and MACsec further enable you to test the security, timing, and network integrity.

V2X Communication

V2X Communication

Keysight C-V2X testing is built on a solid foundation with active participation in the OmniAir Consortium, 3GPP, and 5GAA, along with plugfests. Keysight is active in the OmniAir Consortium, 3GPP, and 5GAA, along with plugfests. The V2X solution is a comprehensive test suite for RF and protocol tests, on-board unit testing (OBU), and roadside unit (RSU) certification for dedicated short-range communication (DSRC), including scenario creation and congestion testing for C-V2X.

Past Presentations

Martin Gubow

Martin Gubow (Time Sensitive Networking Program Manager)

Keysight Technologies will discuss ethernet architecture for in-vehicle networks (IVN). Topics will include testing time synchronization (802.1AS), traffic shaping (802.1Qav,802.1Qbv), and frame preemption (802.1Qbu). In addition, we will discuss testing in an environment utilizing L2 encryption (MACsec).

  • Ethernet time synchronization
  • Time-sensitive networking (TSN)
  • Credit-based shaper
  • Time aware shaper
  • MACsec encryption

Ethan Chung

Ethan Chung (Solutions Engineering Manager)

Year-on-year the automotive industry makes significant strives in autonomous driving, increasing the experience value in In-vehicle infotainment systems, and adding technological aids and visual cues in every vehicle. In this presentation, we share a modern approach to functionality, performance, and safety testing and meeting the increasing challenges of guaranteeing a safe, satisfying, and rewarding user experience for the vehicle operator. The approach includes conducting visual verification, non-intrusive black box tests, and continuous AI-powered automated testing of in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems as well as testing the full connected car experience.

Asish Jain - keysight Solution Architect & Planner

Asish Jain (Solutions Architect and Planner)

Over-the-air testing of automotive radar has multiple challenges mainly due to mmWave frequencies. You need to select the right chamber, budget your setup cost, and plan the floor space requirements while addressing the accuracy, repeatability, and uncertainty of the test system. With 4D imaging radars entering the mainstream, these challenges are becoming more evident.

This presentation aims to discuss different OTA test methods and their tradeoffs.

A novel OTA path loss calibration will be introduced to address some of these test challenges.

Video Highlights

Advance ADAS/AV Test with Radar Scene Emulator

This video provides an overview of how Keysight's award-winning Radar Scene Emulator (RSE) can bridge the gap between software simulation and road testing.

Towards Accurate Cell and EV Battery Testing

This video provides an overview of Keysight battery test solutions which help to meet the increasing requirements for EV batteries and support the growth of the e-mobility market.


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