EM/Circuit Co-Simulation

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RFPro and SmartMount: Assemble, tune, and optimize RF modules in PathWave ADS. Integrate RFICs, MMICs, laminates, packages, and PCBs from multiple design flows. Instant and error-free setup of EM-Circuit co-simulation across multi-technology stack ups to design densely integrated RF modules for 5G, IoT, and Aerospace/Defense applications.

Unraveling integration complexity

  • Instant, error-free setup
  • Automation efficiency
  • Unique mesh domain optimization

Complex Circuit Analysis

Stability analysis is becoming much more critical in modern high frequency applications because gain and coupling cause new problems to arise that are not easy to resolve in the lab. This demo will introduce a new stability analysis approach using a new probe, called ws-probe in PathWave Advanced Design System to help simplify stability analysis.

Analyzing complex circuits for stability

  • One probe: many metrics
  • One bench: large and small signals
  • EM analysis stable loops

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mmWave Beamforming Design

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This demo will highlight mmWave wideband RF front-end design challenges and verification methods. We will demo PathWave System Design, integrated circuit design and simulation software with new 3D visualization techniques for multi-channel Millimeter Wave phased array system and various beam codebook design.

Validate designs in simulation

  • Accurate RF modeling
  • Dynamic visualization
  • Beamforming simulation

Phased-Array Design

In this demo, you will learn about fast, accurate modeling of phased array systems.  Using PathWave System Design, you will see how easily you can construct your system, integrate antenna information from EM simulation, and include RF impairments to accurately model your mmWave circuits.

Phased array system modeling

  • Model-based design
  • Performance prediction
  • Beamforming validation

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Improve test accuracy

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