800G Transceiver Test

Achieving 800 Gb/s link capacity is possible with various combinations of signaling rates, modulation formats, and number of lanes. Data center designers need to make different trade-offs depending on cost, power consumption, space, and backward compatibility needs within the existing infrastructure. Keysight’s new R&D and manufacturing optical transceiver test solutions, featuring the N1092A DCA-M Sampling Oscilloscope, help engineers analyze and improve optical transmitter designs and provide reliable quality control for 100G to 800G high volume applications.

Solution Capabilities:

  • Integrated CDR to 58 GBd
  • Accurate TDECQ
  • Bandwidth and 40 GHz

800G Optical Error Detector

The N7005A is a high bandwidth optical to electrical (O/E) converter accessory that introduces the UXR real-time oscilloscope to the world of high-speed optics. It serves a unique set of cutting edge requirements, enabling digital clock recovery and error detection along with advanced equalization in real-time instruments like the UXR.

Solution Capabilities:

  • 112 Gb/s error detection
  • PHY receiver emulation
  • Unmatched versatility

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