Keysight’s full-day seminar on reducing your device’s power consumption was cancelled, so we’re bringing the event to you virtually! 

Join us for a four-part series that includes power measurement theory, an overview of power consumption measurement/analysis challenges, and practical test methodologies including virtual demos.  

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Power Consumption Theory and Measurement Challenges
Part 1 of 4

Original broadcast date: May 12, 2020

Optimizing power consumption plays a critical role in the design and testing of low power devices. Before you can design devices that consume power more efficiently, you have to first understand the theories and fundamentals of how to make accurate measurements.  Armed with insights on accurately measuring power consumption, you can then begin to improve your design.  However, there are many more challenges when it comes to analyzing power consumption.  Measurement challenges include the difficulty of capturing dynamic current, while sourcing challenges may involve battery emulation.  Join us in this webinar for an interactive presentation and discussion on the theories and challenges of optimizing power consumption for low power devices.

Current and Battery Drain Analysis 
Part 2 of 4

Original broadcast date: May 19, 2020

In part 1 of this webinar series, we dove into the theories and challenges of power consumption analysis.  For part 2, we will present various solutions - along with demonstrations surrounding topics from part 1 - with a special focus on current drain analysis. The demonstrations will cover capturing dynamic current, test automation, and more using Keysight’s N6705C DC power analyzer. We’ll cover tasks that are common to anyone working on the power subsystem of any low power device.  Please join us in this webinar for an interactive discussion on the practical applications related to current drain analysis and power consumption.

RF and DC Correlation for Event-based Power Analysis 
Part 3 of 4

Original broadcast date: May 26, 2020

High-quality current measurements are critical for optimizing battery life, but you also need to be able to correlate those measurements with RF and sub-circuit events to make crucial hardware configuration and firmware programming decisions. Learn how event-based power analysis can give you insights that will enable you to delight customers and make your device stand out from the competition. 

Efficient Waveform Capture for Power Rail Analysis
Part 4 of 4

Original broadcast date: June 2, 2020

Power rail current profiles provide the most transparent insights into the electronic device power consumption. However, a complete characterization can require the analysis of hours or even days of data. Detecting anomalous waveforms manually within such a massive database is very challenging and time-consuming.  This presentation is part 4 of Keysight’s “Optimize Your Device for Low Power Consumption” series and will explain and demonstrate a new software solution that allows you to measure and record current waveform data at up to 10 MSa/s. The software can also quickly and efficiently categorize and search the data so you can, in a matter of seconds, locate an extremely rare event in a terabyte (or higher) data log file. 

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