Understand the Source of Your Noise

Noise is a fundamental aspect of all electrical circuits and is caused by thermal generation. In RF circuits, the noise can also be caused by electrical interference, conducted noise, and inadequate shielding. Measuring and managing the noise floor of your device is an effective way to ensure signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) is optimal. Different instruments can be used to measure SNR. A spread spectrum signal, for example, may require a dedicated measurement instrument like a noise figure analyzer, while a more traditional continuous wave (CW) signal can be measured using a signal analyzer. A noise source may also be added to simulate a challenging environment, enabling you to measure the noise immunity of your product.

Knowing how to make reliable RF noise measurements allows you to identify the source of your noise and design better products. In fact, noise is a key parameter for predicting how well your RF product is going to perform. It affects the quality of service, such as bit error rate, latency, throughput, and ultimately, the user experience.

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