Fully Automate Frequency Response Analysis

Bode plot diagram of a frequency response analysis

Frequency response analysis is necessary for many of today’s electronic designs. Designers must ensure circuit designs meet bandwidth performance specifications and system stability. Bode plot analysis measures the frequency response of a mechanical or electrical system. It consists of a combination of a magnitude plot and a phase plot. A bode plot measurement characterizes dynamic performance and provides reliability metrics to ensure switching power supply design quality.

Compared with the traditional bode plot measurement equipment, manually performing frequency response analysis with a conventional oscilloscope and function generator can be time-consuming, with poor dynamic range test results. Dedicated frequency response analyzers often have low utilization rates and cannot observe waveform distortion.

The power industry needs an easy-to-operate and visualized bode plot measurement system. Since an oscilloscope is an essential instrument in the power supply industry, performing the bode plot analysis with an oscilloscope is more cost-effective, reliable, and quality guaranteed.

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Reduce time-consuming, manually performed measurements

Automate frequency response analysis using PathWave BenchVue software

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Solve the problem of low utilization and expensive bode plot equipment

Reduce costs and increase utilization by using an oscilloscope to measure frequency response

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Prevent waveform distortion and get accurate results

Use an oscilloscope that displays real-time waveforms

Keysight Frequency Response (Bode Plot) Measurement

Keysight Infiniium MXR- or EXR-Series oscilloscopes, with the Keysight D9010PWRA power supply test software option, replace the network analyzer for taking bode plot measurements for the switching mode power supply. It can display the injection and output waveforms in real time during the test process. Observing the waveform quality enables you to analyze whether the injection voltage is appropriate. The Infiniium MXR- or EXR-Series oscilloscopes are great tools that can automatically perform a control loop response measurement.

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