This Week's Video: How Do You Prevent Alert Fatigue from Jeopardizing Security?

Hackers aren’t perfect, so why are cyber attacks so hard to prevent?

SecOps teams work tirelessly to prevent attacks, but alert fatigue causes missed clues, wasted time and money, and an increased risk of falling victim to an attack. Watch this short video to discover how threat intelligence gateways help prevent this by blocking 30–50% of bad traffic instantly.

What is Ransomware, and How do You Stop It?

Get in front of threats like WannaCry and CryptoLocker.

Ransomware is bad news. But, provided you have the right architecture and deploy the right security tools, you can keep your data safe. Tune in for a quick overview of ransomware and discover our recommended three-pronged approach to protecting your network.

What Is A Bypass Switch?

With great power comes great responsibility.

What is a bypass switch, and what does it do? In short, it keeps your security tools from accidentally doing more harm than good. Watch this week’s featured video and learn how to eliminate single points of failure and reduce network risk.

What Is Edge Computing, and How Does it Affect Your Network?

Future-proof your network for edge computing.

Edge computing is key to reducing network latency and costs, but you still need to make sure your applications, services, and monitoring functions work smoothly. Tune in and discover why an edge-optimized network architecture is crucial for success.

Why Are GUIs So Important?

If your tools are hard to use, you’re less likely to see a return on your investment (ROI).

Most people know that command line interfaces can be complicated and error-prone, while point-and-click, drag-and-drop graphical user interfaces (GUIs) are far simpler to use. But did you also know that GUIs are a major factor in realizing an ROI? Watch this video and find out why GUIs are so important — and so often overlooked.

What is SSL/TLS Decryption?

Encryption protects your data, but also camouflages attacks.

SSL/TLS (Secure Sockets Layer / Transport Layer Security) encryption makes your data secure, but cybercriminals also use it to disguise attacks. That’s why security engineers deploy solutions to decrypt incoming data and inspect it before it’s allowed to pass into the network. So, what’s the best way to do it? Tune in and find out.

How Do You Access Network Data?

The answer is a tap. (No, it doesn’t involve beer.)

When it comes to identifying a security breach or pinpointing the root cause of network latency, your monitoring tools need the detailed data found inside network packets. But how do you capture that critical intelligence? Should you use a tap or a SPAN port? Watch this short video and find out.

What is a Network Packet Broker?

Make sure your tools get the data they need, and nothing they don’t.

Relatively unknown in IT circles, a network packet broker (NPB) is a device that helps you save money and improve efficiency by manipulating network data. Tune in to discover why this overlooked tool may be one of the most important things in your data center.

What is Active Monitoring?

Get in front of network performance issues. Don't react to them.

When your business depends on peak performance, you cannot afford to wait until your monitoring tools detect a problem. You need to get proactive. That is where active monitoring (also known as synthetic monitoring) proves its worth. Watch this short video to discover the business value of being proactive.

What Is Inline Security?

How do you create an easy-to-use architecture while staying secure?

Tools like IPSs (intrusion prevention systems) and NGFWs (next-gen firewalls) sit directly in the path of incoming traffic. Since this impacts data downstream, you need to make sure your technology is easy to use without sacrificing performance or protection. But how does that work? Watch this short video to find out.

How Do You Access Cloud Data?

Virtual traffic is not easy to capture, but it is not impossible.

Security and performance monitoring tools need data from every part of your network to be effective. However, that often includes data from off-premises infrastructure such as cloud deployments. Since you cannot deploy a tap or SPAN port on infrastructure you don’t own or control, how can you capture this elusive intelligence? Tune in to find out.

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