Wi-Fi 6 / 7 Application-Specific Software Bundles

Tight design margins and timelines, complex modulation, and ever-changing standards increase the complexity of wireless tests. We make it easier for you to solve these challenges with Wi-Fi 6 / 7 application-specific hardware and software bundles that support the latest standards and modulation types. Take the guesswork out of test requirements.

For a limited time, purchase a signal analyzer or signal generator with Wi-Fi 6 / 7 application software and save up to 35% off the total bundle price.

Wi-Fi 6 / 7 Application Bundles

Verify your Wi-Fi 6 / 7 designs with the latest standards

Higher data rates are available today with 802.11ax and 802.11be, the Wi-Fi standards developed by the IEEE and Wi-Fi Alliance. The Wi-Fi community plans on further improvements in speed with higher-order modulation and larger signal bandwidth for a maximum throughput up to 30 Gbps.

Frequency range (FR) Wi-Fi 6 / 6E
Wi-Fi 7
Hardware Signal generator N5172B; N5182B M9384B
Signal analyzer N9020B; N9030B N9030B; N9032B; N9040B
Software Signal generation N7617EMBC N7617EMBC
Signal analysis N9077EM0E; N9077EM1E N9077EM0E; N9077EM1E; N9077EM2E

Accelerate Your Wi-Fi Innovations

PathWave X-Series measurement software being used by an engineer

Find out how our PathWave X-Series Measurement Applications can help you:

  • Get essential ready-to-use measurements and intuitive views that simplify troubleshooting and other complex operations
  • Use more than 25 measurement applications that range from parametric to standards-compliant wireless measurements
  • Share the same measurement science and expertise across multiple hardware platforms — from benchtop to modular instruments covering high-performance and benchmark — to economy and low-cost general purpose

Simplify your Wi-Fi 6 / 7 signal creation with PathWave Signal Generation

  • Create performance-optimized reference signals for characterization and verification of your devices.
  • Enhance component testing with virtually distortion-free test signals.
  • Evaluate receiver tolerance by creating calibrated additive signal impairments.
  • Accelerate the process with a user interface featuring tree-style navigation and graphical signal configuration.
  • Stay at the forefront in wireless as we continue our first-to-market track record of support for new and evolving standards.
Image of PathWave Signal Generation software alongside Keysight compatible hardware

Eligible Products


N9032B PXA Signal Analyzer

Built to address high-bandwidth applications like 5G carrier aggregation and amplifier test, 802.11ax/be, satellite, radar, and electronic warfare (EW). Delivering the widest analysis bandwidth in its class.

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