Ultra-Wideband Wireless Software Bundles

Tight design margins and timelines, complex modulation, and ever-changing standards increase the complexity of wideband wireless tests. We make it easier for you to solve these challenges with application-specific hardware and software bundles for ultra-wideband design applications. These bundles support the latest signal standards and modulation types and take the guesswork out of test requirements.

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Application Bundles

Speed validation of your ultra-wideband wireless designs

IEEE 802.15.4 High repetition pulse (HRP) ultra-wideband (UWB) is quickly gaining market adoption by enabling new applications such as real-time spatial context to mobile devices, advanced ranging, and location-based services as well as seamless and secure peer-to-peer services.

Category PXI Vector Transceiver
Hardware M9415A VXT
Software N7610EMBC-1FP

Simplify your ultra-wideband wireless signal creation with PathWave Signal Generation

  • Create performance-optimized reference signals for characterization and verification of your devices.
  • Enhance component testing with virtually distortion-free test signals.
  • Evaluate receiver tolerance by creating calibrated additive signal impairments.
  • Accelerate the process with a user interface featuring tree-style navigation and graphical signal configuration.
  • Stay at the forefront in wireless as we continue our first-to-market track record of support for new and evolving standards.
N9068C Phase noise measurement application
N9068C Phase noise measurement application

Explore Every Facet of an Ultra-Wideband Wireless Signal with PathWave Vector Signal Analysis

  • Quantify spectral performance with high-resolution, FFT-based measurements Analyze time-domain signals using timing features, CCDF, and more
  • Characterize today’s most advanced modulation schemes with rich marker functions and views such as constellation, EVM, and decoded bits
  • Quickly confirm signal problems with the ability to display multiple simultaneous views
  • Capture and review short-lived signal events with multi-domain digital-persistence and cumulative-history trace

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