Keysight Software Bundles Stretch your OpEx Budget

It pays to be flexible, keep current with industry standards, and save with subscription bundles. Get our most popular products for your industry, application, and project requirements. Spend less upfront and do more with access to a wider range of capabilities. Your PathWave subscription includes KeysightCare support to ensure you always have the latest software version installed.

Accelerate Your Innovations

Simplify Your Signal Creation with PathWave Signal Generation

  • Create performance-optimized reference signals for characterization and verification of your devices.
  • Enhance component testing with virtually distortion-free test signals.
  • Evaluate receiver tolerance by creating calibrated additive signal impairments.
  • Accelerate the process with a user interface featuring tree-style navigation and graphical signal configuration.
  • Stay at the forefront of wireless as we continue our first-to-market track record of support for new and evolving standards.

Explore Every Facet of a Signal with PathWave Vector Signal Analysis

  • Quantify spectral performance with high-resolution, fast Fourier transform-based measurements.
  • Analyze time-domain signals using timing features, Complementary Cumulative Distribution Function (CCDF), and more.
  • Characterize today’s most advanced modulation schemes with rich marker functions and views such as constellation, error vector magnitude, and decoded bits.
  • Quickly confirm signal problems with the ability to display multiple simultaneous views.
  • Capture and review short-lived signal events with multi-domain digital persistence and cumulative-history trace.

Find Out How PathWave X-Series Measurement Applications Can Help You:

  • Get essential, ready-to-use measurements and intuitive views that simplify troubleshooting and other complex operations.
  • Use more than 25 measurement applications, including parametric and standards-compliant wireless measurements.
  • Share the same measurement science and expertise across multiple hardware platforms — including high-performance, benchmark, economy, and low-cost, general-purpose benchtop and modular instruments.

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