What is Mobilestack on Vision X?

MobileStack, our mobile service provider software suite, is now available for our flagship network packet broker, Vision X. MobileStack helps mobile service providers better cope with the tidalwave of 5G data by enabling more efficient quality of service (QoS) monitoring. Service provider probes are expensive investments, but MobileStack intelligently filters and correlates traffic, reducing the load and enabling existing QoS monitoring infrastructure to effectively handle more subscribers. With MobileStack, you get the following:

  • Zero loss visibility – Wire-speed performance with no dropped packets
  • Reduced monitoring costs – Get more from your existing infrastructure
  • Enhanced security – You cannot stop threats you cannot see
  • Reduced traffic to probes – Filter and correlate traffic
  • Better scale for 4G/5G networks – Up to 512M subscriber sessions
  • 1,600 Gbps of user plane correlation

Now you can achieve end-to-end subscriber-aware visibilty, enabling you to speed troubleshooting and improve mean time to repair.


A Tsunami is Coming

Mobile data volume continues to explode as 5G reaches the masses. According to Ericsson, global mobile data traffic reached around 51 exabytes (EB) per month at the end of 2020 and is likely to grow by a factor of 4.5x to reach 226 EB per month in 2026. The industry believes that 5G will have a greater impact on mobile traffic than prior generations of mobile data standards. As a result, 5G will drive a greater need for subscriber and traffic monitoring to ensure QoS.

MobileStack software on Vision X helps your probes cope with the tidal wave of mobile data by enabling powerful filtering, correlation, sampling and load balancing, allowing you to make better, more efficient use of those probes.

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Reduce the load on your probes with MobileStack on Vision X:

70% less

via subscriber correlation

80% less

via application filtering

90% less

via subscriber sampling

50% less

via deduplication

75% less

via protocol filtering

99% less

via subscriber allowlists

Keysight Vision X Network Packet Broker

Deep dive on Vision X

Vision X is Keysight's high-performance, high-density network packet broker bringing 5G scale to the MobileStack software suite. You get up to 60 multispeed ports ranging from 10 to 100Gbps in only three rack units. Each chassis processes up to 2 Tbps of data through dedicated field programmaable gate array (FPGA) hardware — guaranteeing no dropped packets. With customizable, swappable module bays, Vision X scales with your needs without expanding its footprint.

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