Isolate And Measure Distortion

System designers rely on three key metrics — noise power ratio (NPR), adjacent channel power ratio (ACPR), and error vector magnitude (EVM) — to describe wideband distortion in their components or systems. Each of these methods is useful, but none provides a complete picture. The modulation distortion application for the PNA-X Vector Network Analyzer delivers the ability to do spectral correlation. This application note details how you can isolate and measure the distortion of a device under test (DUT) using spectral correlation and real-world test signals.

Download this application note to find out how you can:

  • Implement this vector network analyzer (VNA) based approach
  • Reduce or compensate for signal distortion
  • Achieve accurate modulated measurements at the radio and millimeter-wave frequencies

Get To Know The Application

The S93070xB Modulation Distortion Application combined with the PNA-X Vector Network Analyzer and a Vector Signal Generator (VSG) enable users to measure the nonlinear behavior of power amplifiers under wideband modulated stimulus conditions. This new frequency-domain measurement method delivers low residual error vector magnitude (EVM) and rapid EVM measurement speed. The VNA-based vector calibration extends the reference planes of the signal generator and the analyzer to the device under test (DUT) planes, providing superior signal fidelity and accurate modulated measurements.

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