Out-of-Tolerance Equipment Puts You at Risk

Tighter tolerances, design and test complexity, and pace all drive quality challenges.

Download our most rescent research, featuring insights from electronic hardware manufacturers. Key findings include:

  • Ninety-two percent of respondents reported a significant business impact from out-of-calibration test equipment.
  • Forty-nine percent of companies incurred losses of USD$100,000 or more for every percent of yield lost.
  • Sixty-four percent of respondents confirmed that ensuring product quality is growing more difficult.

Accurate test equals higher yields

Calibration is key to test equipment accuracy, reliability, and repeatability. Check the calibration label on your instrument to verify the date is within calibration. It’s a simple way to ensure accurate measurements. An out-of-calibrated instrument could be out-of-tolerance, putting you at risk.

To learn more about reducing measurement risk, read the ABCs of Test Accuracy — eBook.

  • Understand how margin stack-up is the curse of test accuracy.
  • Learn test risk basics such as out of tolerance, drift, and measurement uncertainty.
  • Discover how to calculate risk with the joint probability density function equation.
  • Recognize how profit and product quality drives test equipment accuracy.

KeysightCare Enhanced Includes Calibration

KeysightCare is a priority-one connection between our resources and your teams. Through committed, accessible, and proactive support, we’ll help you remove the barriers to success.

With KeysightCare Enhanced you receive:

  • one annual calibration on covered instruments
  • two-business hour technical response
  • five-day expedited calibration
  • seven-day instrument repair
  • proactive firmware notifications
  • online knowledge center and self-service web portal

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