What is KeysightCare?

Keysight products purchased through your Keysight distribution partner as of December 1, 2020, include KeysightCare Technical Support. In addition to a three-year warranty, you will receive three years of technical support. We will help you remove the barriers to success with access to technical experts and mitigate project risk with committed response times. Activate KeysightCare and accelerate the win.

KeysightCare Technical Support

What’s included?

  • 2-business-day technical response
  • online knowledge center
  • self-service web portal

Experience the KeysightCare Portal

Watch three real-world examples on how to quickly access in-depth technical knowledge and get in touch with our engineers.

Distribution Partner Instruments

All new instruments purchased through your distribution partner starting December 1, 2020, include KeysightCare Technical Support. If you have an instrument on your bench and wonder if it includes KeysightCare, ask your distribution partner.

Product families

  • benchtop and handheld power meters
  • data acquisition mainframes
  • digital multimeters
  • frequency counters / timers
  • handheld test tools
  • LCR meters
  • oscilloscopes
  • power supplies and electronic loads
  • RF and microwave handheld and benchtop products
  • USB modular instruments
  • waveform and function generators

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