6800C Series AC Power Source/Analyzers, 375-1750 VA

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6800C Series AC Power Source/Analyzers, 375-1750 VA


Keysight Technologies AC power source/analyzers provide a complete AC test solution. As AC sources, they combine the capabilities of a power amplifier and an arbitrary waveform generator. This allows you to simulate normal waveforms and many types of distorted power waveforms. The built-in power analyzer combines the capabilities of a multimeter, oscilloscope, harmonic analyzer and power analyzer. These instruments may also be used to produce DC power, either alone or as a DC offset to an AC waveform.

The Complete AC Power Test Solution

Since your product will have to operate in the real world of unpredictable AC power, you need to design and verify its correct operation under a wide range of AC power inputs. Brownouts, dropouts, sags, and other irregularities are not unusual in many communities today. Keysight AC power source/analyzers have the features needed to easily accomplish this test goal either in an R&D environment or on the manufacturing test floor. If you plan to sell your products in a worldwide market, you will also need to test them at the line voltages and frequencies for which they will eventually operate. There is also additional testing needed to meet regulatory requirements for sale into some countries. Keysight AC power source/analyzers offer a complete solution for AC power testing, helping you to simplify this important task. These instruments combine the features of a power amplifier and arbitrary waveform generator to give you the ability to do all of the tests that you need. There are many standard preprogrammed waveforms, or you can use the transient generation system to simulate sophisticated and repeatable AC line disturbances. DC power can also be generated, either as a DC offset or as a pure DC signal.

LXI-LAN, USB and GPIB IO connectivity

Keysight 6800C Series AC power source/analyzers comes standard with LXI-LAN, USB and GPIB IO connectivity, allows convenient setup and easy communication to PC controller and other instruments.

Powerful built-in measurement capabilities

Keysight AC power source/analyzers have extensive 16-bit precision measurement capabilities which would normally require a number of complex measurement instruments, including a DMM (digital multimeter), oscilloscope, power analyzer, and harmonic analyzer. The precision measurements include:

  • rms, DC, AC + DC voltage and current
  • Peak voltage and current
  • Real, apparent, and reactive power
  • Harmonic analysis of voltage and current waveforms providing amplitude and phase up to the 50th harmonic
  • THD (total harmonic distortion)
  • Triggered acquisition of digitized voltage and current

Using the measurement capabilities of a Keysight AC power source/analyzer simplifies your test setups and helps you obtain accurate data quickly.

Dual power analyzer option 020

The powerful built-in power analyzer in Keysight AC power source/analyzers provides everything that you need to make AC measurements at the AC input to your DUT. For many test scenarios, this is the extent of the AC analysis required. Some test scenarios, however, require AC measurements to be made at both the AC input and the AC output of the DUT. Option 020 provides an additional power analyzer, complete with a precision current shunt, which can be connected anywhere you need it. This second analyzer can even be used for tests where the AC power source/analyzer is not providing power, thus expanding the usefulness of this instrument to many more test configurations. The additional analyzer is equivalent in specifications and capabilities to the standard analyzer. Using the dual power analyzer option instead of an additional power analyzer instrument externally is more than just convenient. Measurements on all four measurement channels (AC source output voltage and current, and dual power analyzer voltage and current inputs) are inherently synchronized with the AC power source/analyzers output waveform. This precision would be difficult to achieve using separate measurement instruments.

Examples of dual power analyzer applications

  • Complete testing of uninterruptible power sources (UPS)
  • Efficiency testing of DC power supplies
  • Efficiency testing of AC power sources
  • Efficiency testing of transformers
  • Safety testing of transformers
  • Line disturbance and brownout testing of DC power supplies
  • Line disturbance and brownout testing of AC power sources
  • Sleep mode current monitoring
  • Independent power analyzer

Sleep mode current monitoring

Many electronic products have power-saving or sleep modes. In this mode, the device draws only enough power to be able to recognize a “wake-up” signal, and then execute a smooth “wake-up”. The power drawn in this mode is a critical parameter, and the ability to accurately monitor it is important. The accessory precision current shunt that is supplied with option 020 is mounted in such a way to make it easy for you to replace it with a precision resistor of your choice. By doing this, you can configure the system to accurately monitor extremely low currents. This provides an easy way for you to profile the current draw in all modes of your product’s operation. Since Keysight 6800C Series AC power source/analyzers produce DC power as well as AC power, portable battery-operated products can also be tested with this configuration.


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