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M9064A VXA Vector Signal Analysis X-Series Measurement Application for PXIe Vector Signal Analyzers

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Keysight Technologies

M9064A VXA Vector Signal Analysis

X-Series Measurement Application for PXIe Vector Signal Analyzers

Technical Overview

  •  FFT-based spectrum analysis
  •  Time-domain analysis tools for burst analysis
  •  Flexible modulation analysis
  •  PC-based SCPI remote interface and manual user interface
  •  Built-in, context-sensitive help with SCPI command reference
  •  Transportable license supports up to four PXI VSA channels in one mainframe

VXA vector signal analysis measurement application

Expand the capabilities of your M9391A and M9393A PXIe vector signal analyzers (PXI VSAs) with Keysight Technologies', Inc. library of measurement applications - the same applications used to increase the capability and functionality of its X-Series signal analyzers. Eleven of the most popular applications are now available for use with Keysight's new M9393A PXIe performance VSA and the M9391A PXI VSA. When you combine the raw hardware speeds of the PXI VSAs and the X-Series measurement applications for modular instruments, you can test more products in less time, while ensuring measurement continuity from design to manufacturing.

The M9064A VXA vector signal analysis measurement application provides the PXI VSAs with a wide range of measurements, demodulation types, and filters to perform comprehensive signal analysis, helping you thoroughly test your designs, ensure product quality, and optimize without compromise.

Proven algorithms and a common user interface across the X-Series analyzers and modular PXI VSAs create a consistent measurement framework for signal analysis that ensures repeatable results and measurement integrity so you can leverage your test system software through all phases of product development. The VXA vector signal analysis measurement application is just one in a common library of several measurement applications. You can further extend your test assets by utilizing up to four PXI VSAs with one software license.

Keysight's X-Series applications for modular instruments also include a unique "Resource Manager" that provides direct access to PXI VSA hardware drivers for the fastest power and spectrum-based measurements, while simultaneously using the X-Series applications for fast modulation quality measurements and the 89600 VSA software for fast spectrum measurements.

More about signal analysis

The VXA measurement application is a general-purpose FFT-based spectrum analysis application, with a wide selection of demodulation types and filters to perform flexible digital modulation analysis.

  •  Bring comprehensive vector signal analysis to the test rack
  •  Troubleshoot signals with powerful time domain capability
  •  Use analog demodulation to identify unintentional modulations
  •  Test when no commercial test standard is available
  •  Utilize flexible digital modulation analysis capability

Vector signal analysis measurement details

Bringing comprehensive vector signal analysis to the test rack

The vector signal analysis (Option 1FP) is the foundation of all measurement options in the VXA measurement application and is a required option. Each measurement is available simultaneously, in either one, two, three or four user-selected separate trace displays. You have full control of trace data format and scaling.

  •  Spectrum, instantaneous spectrum
  •  Time, instantaneous time, raw time
  •  Time gating
  •  Time averaging, including continuous peak hold, exponential, RMS (video), RMS (video) exponential, time, time exponential
  •  Band power
  •  Power spectral density (PSD)
  •  Power statistics (including gated):
  •  Complementary cumulative distribution function (CCDF)
  •  Cumulative distribution function (CDF)
  •  Probability distribution function (PDF)
  •  Auto correlation
  •  Occupied bandwidth (OBW)
  •  Adjacent channel power (ACP)
  •  Analog demodulation: AM/FM/PM(includes spectrum, time, gated time, PSD, power statistics)
  •  Frequency counter
  •  Signal tracking
  •  Marker coupling
  •  Ability to save traces


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