Column Control DTX

One Stop Shop In-Circuit Test Support Services


Why Keysight for your In-Circuit Test Systems Support?

Keysight Technologies, Inc. believes in providing seamless support to help keep your in-circuit testers running smoothly, so you can focus on delivering quality to your customers, quickly.

Our One Stop Shop for support services is designed to help you achieve better in-circuit test, so you can ship better quality to customers, faster.

1. ONE Supplier for Everything You Need

2. NEW Hardware Upgrades To Boost Coverage and Throughput

3. EXPERT help to resolve your challenging issues

4. Software updates to enhance features and capabilities

  • Regular software updates provide continuous improvement and enhancement on the i3070
  • Provision for hardware upgrades as well as new powerful features

5. Traceable and Trusted System Calibration Service

  • Only Keysight can provide 3070/i3070 System Calibration license
  • Keysight provides system calibration through support agreement or per-incident trade service
  • Keysight’s equipment used for calibration are traceable to the country’s national standard or NIST
  • Keysight i3070/3070 System calibration service is ISO 9000 compliant and we provide you with pre- and post-ASRU adjustment measurement reports and calibration certificate

Original and Qualified Parts for Reliability and Assurance

  • Four ISO certified repair centers
  • Qualified and trained repair technicians
  • Quality assurance process ensures refurbished parts are as good as new
  • Refurbished parts are validated on our production testers using manufacturing test fixtures
  • We scrap parts that are beyond repair to ensure parts reliability, and do not recycle components from scrap

Parts availability world wide

  • 20 logistic and distribution centers world wide located close to you
  • Multi-million dollar spare parts inventory
  • Next business day delivery for critical parts
  • Same day parts delivery can be arranged*
  • Spare parts can be consigned to you if you have high uptime requirement


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Column Control DTX