InfiniiMax RCRC Probing System

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Data Sheet

Unmatched Performance

- Full 30 GHz bandwidth to the probe tip

- InfiniiMode probing for making differential, single-ended and common mode measurements with a single probe (with InfiniiMax III+)

- Industry’s highest fidelity and accuracy due to bandwidth and extremely low loading

- Probe amplifiers loaded with measured s-parameters for more accurate response correction

- Bandwidth upgradable (InfiniiMax III only)

- Variety of probe heads for different use models with maximum usability

Industry-leading probe performance

The InfiniiMax III probing system offers you the highest performance available for measuring differential and single-ended signals, with flexible connectivity solutions for today’s high-density ICs and circuit boards.

Four different InfiniiMax III probe amplifiers ranging from 16 to 30 GHz are available for matching your probing solution to your performance and budget requirements. A proprietary 200 GHz fT InP (indium phosphide) IC process with backside ground vias and novel thick film technology is utilized to accommodate your highest performance needs and is unmatched by any product in the market.

The N2830A/N7000A Series InfiniiMax III+ probing system is the next generation of InfiniiMax probing, greatly expanding the measurement capabilities and usability of a probe capable of measuring all components of a differential signal.

The built-in InfiniiMode technology allows you to switch to differential, single-ended, and common mode without adjusting probe tip connections. The InfiniiMax III+ probe’s InfiniiMode provides the following modes of operation.

- A - B (differential)

- A - ground (single-ended A)

- B - ground (single-ended B)

- (A+B)/2 - ground (common mode)

The InfiniiMax III+ works with the full array of InfiniiMax III probe heads and supports the full bandwidth of the InfiniiMax III+.

Highest fidelity and accuracy

The InfiniiMax III provides the highest bandwidth and incredibly low loading to allow for a new level of signal fidelity and accuracy. Continuing the probe head topology pioneered by Keysight Technologies, Inc. in the InfiniiMax I and II probe systems, five probe heads are provided to accommodate multiple use models:

a 30 GHz browser that is extremely usable, a 25/28 GHz ZIF probe head with economical replaceable/removable ZIF tips, a 30 GHz 2.92 mm probe head which allows cabled measurements using 2.92 mm, 3.5 mm, or SMA coax cables, an economical 26 GHz solder-in probe head for demanding measurements, and a 16 GHz QuickTip for a quick and secure connection.

More accurate probe correction

Each individual InfiniiMax III and III+ probe amp contains its unique S-parameters, and this frequency response data is used with the S-parameters of the various probe heads to further flatten the probe’s magnitude and phase response for accuracy.

Traditionally, probe correction uses a nominal model based on a typical probe amplifier instead of the specific amplifier. Generally, the biggest variation between probing systems is a result of the probe amplifier. The ability to correct a specific probe amplifier’s response results in a more accurate probe correction, which yields a more accurate measurement.

Uncompromised Usability

Extensive line-up of probe heads and accessories

Keysight’s InfiniiMax III/III+ probes support a wide variety of high-speed applications with an extensive line-up of probe heads and accessories.

The N5445A browser head (30 GHz) is the best choice for quick general-purpose troubleshooting of differential signals with its z-axis compliance and variable spacing from 20 mil to 125 mil (or 0.5 mm to 3.1 mm).

The span between the signal tips is easily adjusted with a thumb wheel on the browser. Integrated LED lighting at the tip illuminates the probing area for better visibility. Order N5476A for replacement browser tips (set of 4).

The N2848A/49A QuickTip offers the industry’s first magnetically-engaged probe head and tip for a quick and secure connection, pushing the usability to the next level. The N2848A QuickTip probe head quickly snaps to the N2849A probe tip, utilizing magnets to connect to the two sides of the differential signal and ground.

Multiple N2849A probe tips can be installed on a DUT, allowing quick and reliable measurement of many probe points. The QuickTip supports the InfiniiMode probing when used with the InfiniiMax III+ probe amp and supports differential probing with the InfiniiMax III probe amp.

The N2849A QuickTip tips can also be used with the InfiniiMax I/II probe amps when used in conjunction with the N2851A QuickTip probe head for InfiniiMax I/II.

The N5439A ZIF probe head provides 28 GHz bandwidth in an economical replaceable tip form factor. For differential measurement, the N5439A ZIF probe head with the N5440A or N5447A ceramic ZIF tip provides the industry’s lowest signal loading.

The ZIF tips can be left on the DUT as the probe head is moved from one probing site to the next. Order N5440A (450 Ω ceramic), N5447A (200 Ω ceramic) or the new N2838A (450 Ω PC board) for a set of 5 ZIF tips with plastic sporks to aid in soldering the tips to your DUT.

The N2838A PC board ZIF tip increased the robustness of the ZIF tip significantly while maintaining the bandwidth performance up to 25 GHz when used in conjunction with the N2803A and N5439A. Variable spacing from 5 mil to 80 mil (or 0.127 mm to 2 mm). (The N5447A 200 Ω ZIF tip is not compatible with InfiniiMax III+ probes.)

The N5444A 2.92 mm/3.5 mm/SMA probe head (30 GHz) allows you to connect two 2.92 mm, 3.5 mm or SMA cables to make a differential measurement on a single oscilloscope channel.

Order N5448B 2.92 mm head flex cables (10” or 25 cm) or N2823A 2.92 mm cables with 1 m to extend the cable length and add convenience. You can control the termination voltage of the N5444A probe head using either the Infiniium scope software or by using a N5444-61601 cable included in the N5444A kit connected to your own DC power supply.


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