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ADS(Advanced Design System)

ADS는 RF, 마이크로웨이브 및 신호 무결성 어플리케이션을 위한 최고의 전자 설계 자동화 소프트웨어입니다. 무선 통신, 네트워킹, 우주항공 및 방위 산업의 주요 기업들이 이용하는 ADS는 X-파라미터* 및 3D EM 시뮬레이터 등 가장 혁신적이고 선도적인 기술 분야에 투자를 확대하고 있습니다. WiMAX™, LTE, 멀티 기가비트 데이터 링크, 레이더 및 위성 어플리케이션을 지원하는 ADS는 통합 플랫폼에서 디자인 라이브러리 및 회로-시스템-EM 공동 시뮬레이션을 제공하는 등 완벽한 표준 기반 설계 및 검증 환경을 제공합니다.

ADS의 주요 이점

  • 빠르고 정확하며 사용하기 편리한 통합된 시스템, 회로 및 EM 시뮬레이터를 통해 완벽한 데스크탑 설계 환경에서 초기 디자인부터 완벽한 설계 작업을 수행합니다.
  • 어플리케이션별 DesignGuide를 기반으로한 사용하기 간편한 인터페이스에는 다년간 축적된 기술 노하우 및 전문성이 담겨 있습니다.
  • ADS는 주요 부품 산업 및 파운드리 파트너에 의해 제품 개발 키트 및 부품 라이브러리를 신속하게 지원하고 있습니다.

ADS 관련 정보

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뉴스레터 2019-04-09

Ericsson and Freiburg U. Design High-Q Power Harvesting Circuit Using ADS
ADS HB was used to explore the design space around the innovative impedance transformation using a high Q quartz crystal resonator to transform the low voltage from the low impedance antenna.

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University Uses ADS to Create an Impedance Matching Method for Wireless Battery Charging
Learn how NCKU created an impedance matching method for wireless battery charging using Keysight ADS.

사례연구 2019-03-14

Different Strategies for Preparing Students to Tackle the RF Engineering Challenges of Tomorrow
Panel universities discuss the positive impact of leveraging Keysight’s RF and Microwave Education Programs to develop next generation RF industry-ready engineers.

기사 2018-09-04

Extending the Operating Life of IoT Devices with a Wireless Energy-Harvesting - Case Study
Geneva-based STMicroelectronics and French university Ecole Supérieure d’Electronique de l’Ouest (ESEO) collaborated on the development of “energy harvesting” circuits capable of transforming RF energy into DC power. STMicroelectronics and ESEO chose Keysight Advanced Design System (ADS) and its co-simulation capabilities to accurately design and simulate the rectifying circuit for the energy harvesting solution. The design team successfully created an energy-harvesting system that transformed ambient 2.45-GHz wireless signals into DC power.

사례연구 2018-08-20

Creating an Impedance Matching Method for Wireless Battery Charging
NCKU researchers use ADS to develop a simple, yet effective DC-driving impedance matching method for rectifier-antennas and wirelessly charging implantable Li-ion rechargeable batteries.

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‘The Push and Pull of Technology Solutions for 5G’ Highlights WAMICON 2017
The WAMICON 2017 Panel Session on 5G.

기사 2017-09-18

STMicroelectronics & ESEO Use ADS To Design a 2.45 GHz Wireless Power Scavenging Circuit
Learn how STMicroelectronics and ESEO designed a 2.45 GHz wireless scavenging circuit using Advanced Design System (ADS).

사례연구 2017-06-07

S-parameters: Signal Integrity Analysis in the Blink of an Eye
This article discusses new concepts for serial link design and analysis as applied to physical layer test and measurement techniques. Novel test fixtures and signal integrity software tools will be discussed in real world applications in the form of design case studies.

기사 2017-05-30

The Melting Trace Paradox
Unlike other famous paradoxes such as the Zeno’s paradox, where Achilles and the Tortoise are involved, the melting trace paradox is one with a segment of copper trace and a current source.

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STMicroelectronics and University of Lyon Predict EMI Using ADS - Case Study
Learn how STMicroelectronics and University of Lyon designers used ADS to develop a network parameter block technique to satisfy their need for accurate and general EMI modeling.

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Ensuring High Signal Quality in PCIe Gen3 Channels
This Signal Integrity Journal article written by Keysight engineer, Anil Kumar Pandey includes the challenges of maintaining transmission channel signal quality in today's PCIe Gen3 Channels.

기사 2017-03-14

Accurate Statistical-Based DDR4 Margin Estimation Using SSN Induced Jitter Model
This paper proposes a methodology, that improves the accuracy of DDR4 statistical simulation, by using the mask correction factor.

기사 2017-03-04

Integrating Multiple Technology Devices onto Laminate-Based Multi-Chip-Modules
Microwave Product Digest (MPD) featured article on "Integrating Multiple Technology Devices onto Laminate-Based Multi-Chip-Modules Using an Integrated Design Flow", written by Keefe Bohanan, Applications Engineer District Manager for Keysight EEsof EDA.

기사 2016-11-29

Direct-Synthesis Software Approach Facilitates Filter Design
This Microwaves & RF article discusses how Genesys software can be used to design filters with the direct-synthesis technique. A lowpass filter example is presented to illustrate the software’s capabilities.

기사 2016-11-28

8 Steps to a Successful DDR4 Design
Learn how Keysight's design flow example for DDR4 can help you achive confidence in your design and help you ensure success.

기사 2016-10-20

Using DSP and RF circuit co-design to reduce risk and cost
For modern design organizations, it’s now more imperative than ever that they simulate both Digital Signal Processor (DSP) and RF circuits together at the system level using mixed signals.

기사 2016-10-11

Software plus signal generators and analyzers support IEEE 802.11p design and test
Jungik Suh, marketing program manager, Automotive & Energy Solutions, Keysight Technologies, provides input on several Keysight solutions for the connected-car arena for Evaluation Engineering's October print special report on automotive test.

기사 2016-10-05

A Quick Fix for Poor Capacitor, Inductor and DC/DC Impedance Measurements
Modern Test & Measure article by Steve Sandler (Picotest) explains why you need an extended range, partial S2p measurement and how to make this improved measurement.

기사 2016-10-03

Best Practices for Connector Models
Eric Bogatin, Signal Integrity Journal Editor, discusses best practices for connector modeling and measuring with Heidi Barnes, Keysight ADS application engineering specialist, and Jim Nadolny, Principle SI Engineer for Samtec.

기사 2016-09-30

Correlating simulation and measurement for a USB Type-C reference channel (Part 1)
This article from Electronic Products discusses a step-by-step process that signal integrity engineers can follow to ensure their success in designing with USB Type-C devices.

기사 2016-09-21

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Twitter enables you to keep current on news and updates with Keysight EEsof through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: What are you doing?

뉴스레터 2016-07-14

Signal Integrity Tips and Techniques Using TDR, VNA and Modeling - Article Reprint
Time and frequency domain analyses for simulation and measurements provide quick solutions for characterizing signal losses and identifying elements that control performance.

기사 2016-03-31


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