WLAN 802.11be Measurement Application, Multi-Touch UI

このバンドルは右に含まれます Xシリーズ測定アプリケーション

インストール先: 測定器


  • Support 802.11be EHT 20/40/80/160/320 MHz signals to perform power, spectrum, and modulation measurements
  • Support 802.11be MU PPDU compressed mode and preamble puncturing modulation analysis with modulation type up to 4096 QAM
  • One-button measurements with pass/fail per the test limit definition
  • Swept measurement with time-gated support: Channel Power, SEM, OBW, Monitor Spectrum, Spurious emission
  • IQ measurements: IQ waveform, Power vs. Time, CCDF, spectrum flatness, and modulation analysis
  • Modulation analysis with multiple result views: constellation diagram, EVM vs. symbol, EVM vs. subcarrier, Power vs. Symbol, Demod Bits, Numeric results, Burst & Sig Info (U-SIG, OFDM L-SIG), Preamble Freq Error, IQ Impairment (Gain Imbalance & Quadrature Skew), User Information Summary


  • N9077EM2E X-Series measurement application license for WLAN EHT 802.11be RF conformance measurements with multi-touch UI
  • WLAN 802.11be measurement application software subscription and support (12-month)


Instrument Compatibility


Xシリーズ測定アプリケーション — ベンチトップ/モジュラー・シグナル・アナライザで使用できる、移動体通信、無線インタフェース、航空宇宙/防衛、汎用測定用の業界で最も広範囲の測定アプリケーション。

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