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VISA: 34980A Thermocouple Measurement Read Me

This program sets the 34980A for a simple scan that makes both DCV and type J thermocouple temperature measurements.

Date: April 29, 2005


Language: Microsoft® C# (C Sharp)

Operating System: Windows® NT® 4.0, 2000 Professional, XP

VISA Version: Use Agilent I/O Library Suite 14.0 or above

The program also checks the instrument and module identification to make sure there is communication between the 34980A and the computer, and the correct module is installed. The returned data is entered into a list box.

The program requires a 34921A MUX module to operate correctly. Program must be modified for other modules.

The program requires that VISA is installed in your computer. VISA comes with the Agilent I/O Library Suite 14.0 or above. Include the visa32.cs file. This file comes with Agilent I/O Library Suite 14.0 or above.

The program was developed in Microsoft C# .NET 2003.

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