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Vital Signs


Today’s electronic medical records (EMR) system holds the key to a person’s health history. But with great responsibility comes great risk — one tiny flaw can derail compliance and put patients in peril. That’s why Keysight Technologies commissioned the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) to conduct a study of major US healthcare providers about their software testing practices and plans. This report provides vital signs of current challenges and trends in healthcare software testing. It highlights the following:

  • A paradox that places patients at risk:

Although healthcare providers have zero room for error, 94% of decision-makers acknowledge that insuficient testing threatens patient lives.

  • A silent epidemic:

Manual and do-it-yourself (DIY) approaches are hindering two-thirds of organizations’ scalability in testing.

  • A cure in sight:

Test automation platforms improve quality, consistency, and coverage where it matters most. Early adopters achieve satisfaction rates over testing scalability and analytics that are twice as high as manual or DIY testing approaches.

  • A grand ambition:

Predictions are that the adoption rate for automated software testing and advanced test analytics will triple in five years.

  • A wave of new regulations:

Interoperability testing is the most important capability of a test automation tool, according to 76% of respondents.



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