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Simplified Programming of a Visibility Layer Can Have a Big Impact on Application Performance


In the digital business era, sustainable market leadership is based upon an organization’s ability to recognize shifts in the market landscape and adapt quickly.  This is why becoming an agile organization is at the top of every business leader’s priority list.  Business are now relying on technology to enable a higher level of business agility. One such technological improvement is the use of visibility solutions, particularly visibility solutions that  utilize a robust graphical user interface (GUI).

This whitepaper from ZK Research shows how organizations are using visibility solutions to enable them to have a complete view of their current operating environment and gain an understanding of the impact of network changes.  This includes an analysis of the superiority of a GUI-based solution over a command line interface (CLI) and how a GUI-based visibility solution can deliver the following benefits:

  • Lower OPEX costs due to a shorter learning curve and less programming time required, when compared to a CLI
  • Faster time to resolution of problems because of using a GUI
  • Improved accuracy in the creation of monitoring filters by using a GUI
  • Faster provisioning of monitoring filters (when compared to SPAN sessions)

Read this whitepaper to see how you can realize these benefits as well.



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