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The Metrological and Financial Implications of a Clogged Fan Filter


When you’ve peeked around the back of an ATE system, have you ever discovered one or more dirty or clogged fan filters? If not, then congratulations! Maybe your work environment approaches ‘clean room’ quality - or maybe your preventive maintenance program is effective enough to keep the filters clean. However, it’s reasonable to consider that the majority of systems are operating in environments and processes that:

  • Degrade metrological integrity
  • Increase equipment maintenance cost and downtime


How serious are these effects? It may help to consider the following scenario, drawn from a number of real situations.


The Scenario

Over a period of months, the air filter for an instrument in your ATE system gradually becomes clogged. The internal operating temperature gradually rises; and some metrological parameters gradually drift. At some point, due to circuit temperature coefficients, the instrument goes out of specification. Unaware of this problem, you continue to use the instrument!



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