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PNA Microwave Network Analyzers


Welcome to The World of PNAs – The Most Popular Microwave Network Analyzers

The PNA Series builds on Keysight Technologies Inc. 40-year legacy of excellence to deliver new standards in speed, accuracy, and versatility for microwave network analysis. The PNA’s architecture includes high quality, stable hardware and flexible software. The standard PNA is suitable for testing passive and active devices such as filters and amplifiers. Users can easily add options to test mixers, harmonics, intermodulation distortion (IMD), pulsed-RF, antennas and millimeter-wave (mmWave) components.

Key features

  • Excellent performance
  • High dynamic range: 127 dB at 20 GHz at test port
  • Low trace noise: 0.002 dB rms at 1 kHz bandwidth
  • Fast measurement speed: 4.5 to 26 μsec/point
  • High stability: 0.05 dB/degrees Celsius
  • State-of-the-art calibration capabilities and wide-range of ECal modules
  • Advanced applications for mixer and pulse measurements
  • Single-ended and balanced measurements
  • 32 measurement channels, unlimited traces, and 16,001 points per channel
  • Connectivity with Open Windows XP, 6 USB connectors, LAN, and GPIB

PNA-X – The Premier-Performance Microwave Network Analyzer

The industry-leading performance and highly integrated configurable nature of the PNA-X make it the ideal solution to address active device measurement challenges.

The PNA-X enables engineers to stay on the leading edge of component testing.

High quality synthesizers

  • 10 MHz to 26.5 GHz
  • Internal 2nd source for IMD, hot-S22, and high speed swept-LO measurements
  • High output power and wide power-sweep range for testing amplifiers
  • Excellent harmonic performance for accurate harmonic and IMD measurements

Sensitive and linear receivers

  • High compression point for improved dynamic accuracy
  • More sensitivity for pulsed S-parameter measurements

Friendly user interface

  • Large 10.4 inch touch screen display
  • Click-and-drag markers and zoom

Exceptional flexibility

  • Built-in signal combiner for easy IMD and hot-S22 measurements
  • Easy pulsed measurements with internal pulse modulators and pulse generators
  • Flexible signal routing via internal switches for adding external filters, pre-amplifiers, and additional test equipment
  • Optional noise figure measurement capability extends the suite of measurements available with a single connection and offers the industry’s highest accuracy
  • Front-panel jumpers for direct access to test-port couplers and receivers
  • Source and receiver attenuators with 5 dB increments for better measurement optimization
  • Built-in bias-tees simplify amplifier evaluation
  • Three sets of triggering lines for complex test systems

Mixer measurements

  • Conversion loss/gain, magnitude and phase
  • Input match, output match, and LO match
  • Isolation and compression
  • The two internal independent synthesizers with +13 dBm power and < 60 dBc harmonics eliminate the need for external synthesizers or components.
  • Advanced error correction Patented vector-mixer calibration for measurement of absolute group delay
  • Scalar-mixer calibration (SMC) for match-corrected amplitude measurements
  • Significantly faster speed for fixed-IF (20 to 30 times faster than with an external source)
  • Easy-to-configure multi-stage converter measurements
  • LO source control and LO power calibration
  • Mixer IMD
  • The simple two-step SMC calibration provides match-corrected conversion loss, error-corrected input and output match
  • Software tuning for embedded LO

Amplifier measurements

  • Gain, gain flatness, reverse isolation, and return loss
  • Simple, fast, and accurate AM-AM and AM-PM compression measurements with the Gain Compression Application with 38 dB power sweep range at 20 GHz, +13 dBm output power
  • Test harmonics accurately with < 60 dBc source harmonics. No need for external filters.
  • Accurate and simple IMD using the dual sources and internal combiner, located behind the couplers, providing highly accurate and stable measurements. No need for external combiners.
  • Source corrected noise figure measurements with exceptional accuracy
  • Integrated source attenuators and receiver attenuators for measurement optimization
  • Perform all of the above measurements with one single connection using the PNA–X.

Pulsed-RF measurements

  • Wideband and narrowband detection
  • Up to four internal pulse generators
  • Up to two internal pulse modulators
  • Pulse widths as narrow as 33 ns
  • Pulse-to-pulse
  • Point-in-pulse, average pulse, and pulse-profile capability
  • No need for external components

The Keysight PNA-L is designed for your general-purpose network analysis needs and priced for your budget. With the same firmware as the PNA, the PNA-L offers the perfect balance of value and performance. PNA-L provides efficiency and flexibility in both manufacturing and R&D applications, for industries ranging from wireless LAN component production to aerospace and defense.

Basic measurements

  • Insertion loss, gain, return loss, isolation, group delay, compression, both magnitude and phase
  • Connectorized, in-fixture, or on-wafer
  • Fast and accurate
  • Reliable and repeatable
  • Affordable

On-wafer measurements

  • Class of TRL calibrations for accurate measurements
  • Differential measurement capabilities with integrated multiport network analyzers
  • Accurate power control and de-embedding algorithm for device characterization
  • Compatibility with on-wafer calibration software for a total solution

PNA-L – Speed and Accuracy You Can Count On – Balanced/Differential Measurements and Multiport Test

Easily measure single-ended, balanced, and mixed-mode S-parameters, in addition to ratioed and unratioed receiver measurements.

New multiport components require complicated test plans. Multiple port combinations must be tested over several frequency bands, resulting in lengthy tests. To reduce test time and lower costs, the PNA-L/PNA-X and test set combinations have been designed for high-speed measurements. To further simplify complex test requirements, up to 32 independent channels are available, eliminating the need for recalling instrument states.

Differential measurements

  • Single-ended, balanced, mixed-mode
  • S-parameters
  • Ratioed and unratioed measurements
  • Mode-conversion analysis
  • True-mode stimulus measurements

Multiport measurements

  • Multiport configurations optimized for your device, including full cross-bar
  • Quick-Short-Open-Load-Thru (QSOLT) for fast, multiport cal
  • N-port calibration for accuracy and ease-of-measurements
  • Test-set control part of PNA firmware
  • 32 independent channels for fast measurement speed



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