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Measurement Modules for the 16900 Series


Modularity is the key to the Keysight Technologies, Inc. 16900 Series logic analysis systems’ long term value. You purchase only the capability you need now, then expand as your needs evolve. All modules are tightly integrated to provide time-correlated, cross domain measurements.

Customize your system with the measurement capability that will meet your performance and price needs. Protect your investment by upgrading logic analyzer module memory depths or state speeds as your needs change.

Measurement Capability:

- Timing/State logic analyzers

- Pattern generator

- Time correlation to external scopes

Timing/State Logic Analyzer Modules

Keysight’s timing and state modules give you the power to:

- Accurately measure precise timing relationships using 4 GHz (250 ps) timing zoom with 64 K depth.

- Extend the measurement window with precision when signals transition less frequently using transitional timing.

- Find anomalies separated in time with deep memory depths (up to 256 M across all channels).

- Buy what you need today and upgrade in the future. 16900 Series timing/state modules come with independent upgrades for memory depth and state speed.

- Sample high-speed synchronous buses accurately and confidently using eye finder. Eye finder automatically adjusts threshold, setup, and hold for your highest confidence in measurements on high-speed buses.

-Track problems from symptom to root cause across several measurement modes by viewing time-correlated data in waveform/chart, listing, inverse assembly, source code, or compare display.

- Set up triggers quickly and confidently with intuitive simple, quick, and advanced triggering. This capability combines new trigger functionality with an intuitive user interface.

- The Keysight logic analyzer modules are compatible with the industry’s widest range of probing accessories with capacitive loading down to 0.7 pF.

- Monitor and correlate multiple buses using a single module with split analyzer capability. This provides single and multi-bus support using a single module (timing, state, timing/state, or state/state configurations).

Data Acquisition and Stimulus

Timing/State Modules

Keysight logic analyzer modules offer the speed, features, and usability your digital development team needs to quickly debug, validate, and optimize your digital system – at a price that fits your budget.

Accurately measure precise timing relationships

Make accurate high-speed timing measurements with 4 GHz (250 ps) high-speed timing zoom. A parallel acquisition architecture provides high-speed timing measurements simultaneously through the same probe with other state or timing measurements. Timing zoom stays active all the time with no tradeoffs. View data at high resolution over longer periods of time with 64 K deep timing zoom.

Automate measurement setup and quickly gain diagnostic clues

Quickly get up and running by automating your measurement setup process. In addition, the logic analyzer’s setup/hold window (or sampling position) and threshold voltage settings are automatically determined so that data on high-speed buses is captured with the highest accuracy. Auto Threshold and Sample Position mode allows you to:

- Obtain accurate and reliable measurements

- Save time during measurement setup

- Gain diagnostic clues and identify problem signals quickly

- Scan all signals and buses simultaneously or just scan a few

- View results as a composite display or as individual signals

- See skew between signals and buses

- Find and fix inappropriate clock thresholds

- Measure data valid windows

- Identify signal integrity problems related to rise times, fall times, and data valid window widths 



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