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See Clearer: Preventing Blind Spots with Lossless Network Visibility


The Importance of Lossless Visibility

It does not matter how much you have spent on your network security, performance, and analytics tools — they’re only as good as the data they see. Cloud, edge, SD-WAN, and virtualization may have made it easier to increase agility and reduce costs, but it’s made it harder for your tools to get the information they need. Your network, applications, and data have never been more critical to your bottom line. However, between blind spots and the risk of dropped packets, those things have never been so challenging to manage and protect.

When it comes to your network monitoring tools, you need to see the whole picture — not just a fraction of it. Otherwise, you risk potentially disastrous consequences, such as:

  • overlooking evidence of network compromise 
  • running up costs because of unexpected network outages 
  • exposing your organization to legal issues as the result of a data breach 
  • delaying time to market with lengthy network troubleshooting 
  • decreasing competitive advantage due to latency and poor user experience

That’s why it’s so important you deploy the right network visibility tools. With a lossless, holistic visibility architecture, you can organize and integrate your monitoring strategy with your security architecture and remediation processes.



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