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How IoT is Transforming the Future of Healthcare


According to a report released by National Institutes of Health in 2016, the world’s older population is growing dramatically. 8.5% of people worldwide (617 million) are aged 65 and over and this is projected to jump to nearly 17% of the world’s population by 2050 (1.6 billion). To add on, global life expectancy at birth is projected to increase by almost eight years, climbing from 68.6 years in 2015 to 76.2 years in 20501. Together with the rise of chronic illness, this will, if it hasn’t already, increase the demand in healthcare and push the current systems beyond its limit and capabilities. Hospital staffs will be asked to do much more than what they can handle. To make matters worse, societies have rising expectations for more and better health services. Hospitals and healthcare facilities will face difficult times balancing expectations against available resources. 



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