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The UXG X-Series Agile Signal Generators let you create complex scenarios when you need them. Off the shelf, the UXG is a powerful building block, whether you want a dependable LO or a scalable threat simulator. By blurring the lines between analog and vector technologies, the UXG accelerates the integration of new intelligence into up-to-date signal scenarios. With the UXG, you can generate increasingly complex simulations and get closer to reality.

  • Cover a wide range of EW, radar, and antenna-test requirements up to 44 GHz
  • Use direct digital synthesis (DDS), so the UXG can update frequency, amplitude, and phase settings in as little as 170 ns, with built-in phase repeatability
  • Simulates advanced radar signals, generating narrow pulses with 90 dB on/off ratio and chirps as wide as 10 to 25 percent of the carrier frequency
  • Quickly characterize antennas over a wide frequency range with fast frequency tuning: 100-µs switching is standard and, for more demanding needs, speeds of 1 µs and 370 ns are available as options
  • Accept pulse descriptor words (PDWs) to quickly and efficiently generate long pulse trains while allowing individual phase control
  • Generate shaped pulses and wideband linear or non-linear chirps






The Custom Power Behind Our Instruments

Pushing the boundaries of technology requires instantaneous bandwidth, spurious-free dynamic range, and signal fidelity beyond basic measurements. Keysight powers every performance product with custom MMICs, designed in-house, manufactured in our proprietary indium phosphide (InP) and gallium arsenide (GaAs) fab with custom ASIC signal processing that ensure the industry’s fastest, most reliable measurements. Count on Keysight to accelerate your next innovation.  Keysight's UXG X-Series Agile Signal Generators let you create complex scenarios and blur the lines between analog and vector technologies. Our UXG custom semiconductors enable agile frequency and amplitude-hopping for aerospace and defense applications.

The Difference Between Our Agile Signal Generator and Agile Vector Adapter

Our UXG agile signal generators allow you to accurately simulate multi-emitter scenarios for radar, antenna, and EW tests with the fastest switching, phase coherency, and extensive pulse modulation. The UXG agile vector adapters extend the signal generator's ability to simulate complex pulses with variable rise/fall times and arbitrary modulation within the pulse, including nonlinear chirps and comms signals.

UXG Agile Signal Generator:

  • Simulates increasingly complex signal environments for radar, EW, and antenna test
  • Tests sooner and increases confidence in EW systems by generating signal simulations
  • Uses pulse descriptor words (PDWs) to generate long pulse trains and individually control pulse characteristics
  • Accurately simulates multi-threat environments
  • Modulation width is typically 10% of carrier frequency
  • Fixed pulse rise and fall times

UXG Agile Vector Adapter:

  • Simulates increasingly complex signal environments for radar and EW with enhanced realism and greater confidence
  • Rapidly adaptable to provide multiple channels and port configurations
  • Ensures coherency across multiple sources with calibration of amplitude, phase, and time
  • Modulation width is 1.6 GHz at all frequencies
  • Shaped pulse rise and fall times
Multi-emitter scenarios for radar and electronic warfare testing

Creating Multi–Emitter Scenarios For Radar And Electronic Warfare Testing

Realistic testing of radar and electronic warfare systems depends on the generation of signals that accurately simulate multi-emitter environments consisting of thousands of emitters and millions of pulses per second, all arriving from multiple directions. Traditionally, this has required the use of large, complex systems not readily available to R&D engineers. New technology built into commercial, off-the-shelf (COTS) “agile signal generators” provides an integrated, lower-cost solution that fits on an engineer’s test bench. This technology also enables developers to generate increasingly complex simulations that get closer to reality and, ultimately, provide deeper confidence in EW system performance.

Key Specifications


10 MHz – 44 GHz

Phase Noise @ 1 GHz (20 kHz offset)

-143 dBc/Hz

Frequency Switching

<= 170 ns

IQ Modulation BW (Internal/External)

Up to 1.6 GHz

Modulation Types Available

AM, FM, PM, Pulse, Arbitrary

See complete specifications for the N5191A or N5193A UXG Agile Signal Generators and N5192A or N5194A UXG Agile Vector Adapters.


PathWave Signal Generation Software

Signal creation for a wide range of general purpose or standards-based signals

  • Create Performance-Optimized Reference Signals – Create calibrated signals, validated by Keysight, that conform to industry standards to help enhance the characterization and verification of your devices
  • Validate Component, Transmitter, and Receiver Testing – Easily create and playback customized waveforms for component testing with virtually distortion–free test signals
  • Ensure Designs Meet Latest Standards – Trust that the signals you generate are current with the latest emerging technologies
  • Speed Signal Creation and Reduce Simulation Time – Accelerate your testing with graphical tree–style navigation
Pathwave signal generation software

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