Xcellon-Multis QSFP28 Enhanced 100/50/25GE Load Module

World’s first multi-rate 100/50/25GE test module with native QSFP28 4x100GE

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  • More ports, speeds, bandwidth, flexibility, capability, and horsepower in a single high-density test load module
  • Allows testing of 100GE, 50GE, and 25GE on the same test load module
  • Support for 1x50GE, 4x25GE, and 2x25GE speed capability per port over 100GE passive, copper and fiber point-to-point and fan-out cable media
  • Excellent test platform for the new 100GBASE-SR4, 100GBASE-CR4, Auto-Negotiation, FEC, and Link Training interoperability, functional and performance testing
  • A broad feature set common to the other Xcellon-Multis 100GE products, such as CFP4 and CXP

Introducing the Evolution of Xcellon HSE Testing

Bandwidth requirements for enterprises, service providers, and global data centers are growing rapidly, out-pacing 10GE and 40GE technologies. Cloud service providers, carriers, and hyperscale data centers are looking at high-density 100GE, 50GE, and 25GE networking infrastructure solutions to meet growing bandwidth demands. Equipment manufacturers are rapidly increasing 100GE port densities and delivering multi-rate switch ports to remain competitive. With our support of native QSFP28 interface technology, equipment manufacturers can use our high-density 100/50/25GE load module to assist the move to higher density 100GE, with four 100GE ports per blade and up to 16x25GE speed links. For data centers, native QSFP28 100GE, 50GE, and 4x25GE speed support provides a more efficient use of network bandwidth, and new multi-rate test requirements have emerged for testing 100GE, 50GE, and 25GE on the same port.

Xcellon-Multis is Keysight's next-generation architecture and test solution that provides the world’s first 100/50/25GE multi-rate test system to satisfy equipment maker test needs ranging from basic interoperability and functional test, to high-port count performance tests. As organizations implement this same high-density, high bandwidth networking and network computing equipment in their own networks, they need this same test solution to verify performance and functionality prior to deployment.

The world’s first multi-rate 100/50/25GE test module: Xcellon-Multis native QSFP28 4x100GE, 1-slot load module.

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