Discover the unrivaled performance of Keysight’s PNA and PNA-X network analyzers. Simplify your mixer and frequency converter characterization with the performance of a high-end signal generator built into your network analyzer.

Deeper Insights

Advanced measurements are easy to follow with PNA software such as modulation distortion, differential I/Q, nonlinear vector network analysis.

Simplified Measurement Setup

Perform mixer intermodulation distortion measurements without an external signal generator using a built-in third source up to 13.5 GHz.

Faster Mixer Measurements

Measure with a wider intermediate frequency bandwidth and eliminate the need for averaging when you use the clean signal source.

Upgradable Hardware

The PNA and PNA-X are long-term investments. Keep your lab up to date by sending back your existing unit for an upgrade.

See what the enhanced PNA and PNA-X can do for you

Simplify Advanced Measurements with Application Software

Gain deeper insights with the industry's broadest portfolio of software applications that guide you through advanced measurements

PNA Network Analyzer Modulation Distortion

S930707B Modulation Distortion up to 67 GHz

Measure EVM, NPR, and ACPR using your PNA-X for the lowest residual EVM available today.

S94601B Device Measurement eXpert (DMX)

Set up and optimize complex measurements on a variety of devices with the help of a guided wizard.

S930907B Spectrum Analysis up to 67 GHz

Get multi-channel spectrum analysis with low spurious interference for fast mixer and transceiver characterizaton.

S93083B Vector and Scalar Mixer/Converter Measurements

Simplify mixer characterization with gain/loss, phase, and group delay measurements without reference or calibration mixers.

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