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High-Speed Digitizer Technology Expertise


High-Speed Digitizer

Technology Expertise


Unlocking measurements insights

Whether you are the VP of Engineering or the product architect, our technology can enhance the products you’re creating.

When you choose our high-speed digitizer, your projects can improve significantly on the following aspects:

  • Better measurement fidelity and signal integrity
  • Higher measurement throughput
  • Lower total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Value priced

Our solution is designed to include in the final purchasing price, those hidden costs that are usually overlooked. At the end of your product life cycle, you will save significant amount of time using Keysight high-speed digitizers.

Measurement Fidelity

Unique insights into your measurements

Thanks to our research and development expertise, Keysight has developed proprietary ICs allowing you to see what others cannot, having the key insight to understand and unlock the changing technology landscape.

“ Discover what you couldn’t see before ”

Measurement Throughput

Real-time data processing inside on-board FPGA

At the heart of Keysight high-speed digitizers is a powerful FPGA which process data in real-time. It allows data reduction and storage to be carried out at the digitizer level, minimizing data transfer volumes and speeding-up analysis.

« As fast as technology can take you– Pushing the limits of processing speed »

Helping you achieve greater performance and fast design-in

The FPGA Development Kit (FDK) is a complete environment for the design, verification and implementation of real-time signal processing algorithms.

This all-in-one software can be used out-of-the-box as no specific configuration is required. This will effectively reduce up-front investment and minimize the risks.

Total Cost of Ownership – TCO

Best technology at lower TCO cost

The high quality of our product will help you to get more precise results and lower your total cost of ownership (TCO), a fundamental purchase driver in your market.

Keysight high-speed digitizer’s key advantages are the following:

  • Lower cost of design-in, operation and maintenance
  • Shorter time-to-market
  • Consulting expertise to find the right solution
  • Very high reliability and durability
  • Full support and maintenance worldwide
  • Thorough simulation and complete hardware qualification

« Full cost control through life time »

Put our expertise at work for you

Behind the scenes, our core team has a tremendous amount of expertise in data conversion and ADC/DAC design. Our engineering staff includes hardware designers and software developers with decades of cumulative experience in a vast range of applications.

« Reduce the risks – today and tomorrow »

Contact us

Please contact our specialists to discuss your need and find the best solution for your application:

Keysight Technologies Swizterland SA

Ch. des Aulx 12

CH-1228 Geneva


Get the right mix of features and performance

Our technology spans a range of features and performance points that can be tuned to meet challenging measurement needs in commercial, industrial, aerospace and defense applications.

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