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Signal Studio Software

5G NR Signal Creation and Playback

This bundle is part of PathWave Signal Generation

Installs on: Computer

Key Features

  • PC based license enables use of N7631C application to generate, export, download and playback 3GPP 5G NR (New Radio) waveforms

  • Create 3GPP 5G NR compliant signal for BTS and UE testing with LDPC and Polar channel coding and multi-antenna port

  • Support downlink channels for PBCH, PDSCH and PDCCH and uplink channels for PUSCH, PUCCH and PRACH

  • Support downlink signals for PSS/SSS, CSI-RS, PBCH-DMRS, PDSCH-DMRS, PDSCH-PTRS, PDCCH-DMRS and uplink signals for SRS, PUSCH-DMRS, PUCCH-DMRS and PUCCH-PTRS
  • Support test model presets for FR1 and FR2 
  • Support UL FRC configurations and UL/DL full-filled configurations
  • Support multiple BWP and mixed numerology in a single carrier
  • Support multi-user channel generation with PUSCH and PDSCH

  • Support downlink and uplink configuration with flexible sub-frame allocations

  • Enable flexible signal configuration with both single-carrier and multi-carrier support
  • Support real-time PUSCH HARQ and phase compensation (requires MXG-B/EXG-B option 660)
  • 5G NR signals can be generated by N7631C Signal Studio Pro for 5G NR software, PathWave Signal Generation Desktop software or PathWave Signal Generation Embedded software

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PathWave Signal Generation — Signal creation for a wide range of general purpose or standards-based signals.

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