The following is a history of the features and enhancements of every Keysight VEE versions:

Version Features Features description
8.5 Modern IDE with dockable tool windows The Integrated Development Environment in version 8.5 gives the user a more modern and streamlined programming experience. This feature provides the user with additional functionalities and flexibilities including the ability to customize the development environment to better meet their needs. With version 8.5, you can dock, float, hide, move all your tool windows, such as Instrument Manager, Function & Object Browser, Program Explorer, Properties window, Watch window, Output window, Minimap, Call Stack, Profiler, etc.
  Instrument Manager The Instrument Manager in version 8.5 is not only a tool window with brand-new UI which can dock, auto hide, or float, but it also provides more convenient features, including context menu and toolbar, to find, add, remove, and configure instruments and to create I/O objects quickly. In the Instrument Manager, you can now double click an instrument or drag and drop an instrument to the workspace to create an I/O object.
  Function & Object Browser (FOB)  The newly designed Function & Object Browser allows you to easily browse and select functions and objects available for use in your program. You can even double click or drag and drop an item in the member pane ( the top-right pane) to quickly create an appropriate Formula object.
  Output Window This feature helps you to debug your programs by logging Warning
and Error messages during both run time and design time.
  Microsoft® Windows Vista Support With Keysight VEE 8.5, you can take advantage of the latest Microsoft Operating System that is more secure and easier to use. The Windows Aero interface, the Windows Instant Search, and the Windows Sidebar bring you a new Microsoft Windows experience. The User Account Control (UAC) as well as other security related features will help maintain the health and security of your PC.
  MATLAB 2007a Support Keysight VEE Pro 8.5 upgrades the MATLAB support to MATLAB 2007a. The number of supported MATLAB functions increases to 1800 with more than 1000 frequently used functions showing in FOB. Furthermore, you can easily choose the MATLAB version to use under the MATLAB tab in the Default Preferences dialog.
  Color Coding This feature makes Keysight VEE programs easier to read by coloring different types of objects with different colors automatically. Users can also color objects as they need and export/import the color theme to share with others.
  Per User Per Version VEE Configuration Files Starting from version 8.5, Keysight VEE saves configuration files with a per-user and per-version style, to eliminate problems caused by configuration differences between versions and users.
  Using Keysight IO Monitor to Monitor Instant Communications Keysight VEE 8.5 replaces the old Bus I/O Monitor object with the Keysight IO Monitor, which is more powerful and easier to use.
  Dynamically Change VISA Interface and Address With version 8.5, by changing the VISA interface and address programmatically, you can communicate with the same instrument via different interfaces and addresses without extra configuration or coding.
  Uncertain Data Flow Compiler Warning Keysight VEE 8.5 gives a warning when potential compiler problem is found in a Keysight VEE program. More information on the compiler warning is also provided in Keysight VEE online help.
  Exposing Main from Callable Server Users can now call the Main UserObject from programs written in other languages such as C#, Visual Basic, C++, Excel Macro, and etc through the Callable Server interface.
  Graphical Display Objects Enhancement In Keysight VEE 8.5, all graphical display objects, such as XY trace, Strip Chart, etc., can display up to 255 traces.
  Microsoft Standard File Open Dialog In Keysight VEE 8.5, the old file open dialog box, which appears when you use the To/From File, To/From Dataset, or Import Library objects, is replaced by the standard Windows file open dialog box.
  New Execution Mode and New Data Type Beginning with version 8.5, Keysight VEE supports a new data type - UInt16 and new Execution Mode - VEE 8.5.
  VISA Change for ViReal32 Keysight VEE 8.5 supports ViReal32, ViReal32 [], and pViReal32 according to the latest VISA specification.
Version Features Features description
8.0 Watch Window This feature offers powerful and flexible debugging, allowing users to view and edit values of variables and terminals, and continue with program execution after editing. The variables and terminals can be added to and removed from the Watch Window easily; the user can quickly jump to the associated VEE objects from the Watch Window. Benefit: Make your debugging a lot more efficient. There is one place to "watch" all your interested data and there is no need to stop, debug, edit and run from the beginning.Moreover, the user can copy items in Watch Window to buffer (then paste to Excel for example) all by using the context menu of Watch Window.
  Code Completion and Code Insight When a ""."" is typed after an object name in a formula box, a Code Completion window appears automatically listing all members for that object. Code Completion supports all VEE Variables (Global, Local to Context, and Local to Library), VEE Constants Terminals (Including input terminals and output terminals of the current Formula object. Output terminal ""Result"" is not included.), Built-in functions, .NET namespaces and classes, COM Constants. When a “(""is entered after a function name (e.g., the name of a VEE user function, a .NET method, etc) in a Formula box, a Code Insight Window (i.e., the yellow Tool-tip) appears. Return values and parameters of that function will be listed in the Code Insight window. The current parameter is displayed in BOLD. Code Insight supports Methods of .NET Objects, Local User Functions, Imported User Functions, Built-in Functions, Imported Remote Functions, Imported Compiled Functions, COM Objects.
This powerful new feature greatly benefits any user who writes formula by reducing keyboard inputs, the need for memorization and external documentation. You can stay in your context, find the information you need, insert language elements directly into your formula, and even have Keysight VEE complete your typing for you.
  Programmatic Properties This powerful new feature allows the user to programmatically (at run time) change color, title, size, location, visibility and many other properties of VEE Objects, .NET objects, and COM objects. Benefit: Now, the user can build better Keysight VEE GUI easier and quicker. Saves tons of wires and difficult to understand code! Check out the example programs in ProgrammaticProperties directory for what you can do today.
  Minimap This feature allows the user to easily navigate in a large workspace by providing a birds-eye view. In addition, with Minimap´s powerful context menu, the user can copy, print, save, and email a re-sizable image of the detail view.Benefit: Never lose track of your objects in your workspace again. Just one click the user can easily find and jump to an object or a certain position in a large detail view.
  Home Toolbar Button Keysight VEE 8.0 adds a new Toolbar button, which moves the upper-left corner of a program to the upper-left corner of the work area (Main, UserFunctions, or UserObjects).Benefit: When you lose your way in a large VEE program, clicking this Home Toolbar button will quickly position you back to the upper-left corner of your program, which saves your valuable time. The HOME shortcut key also does the same job.
  New Execution Mode and New Data Types Beginning with version 8.0, Keysight VEE supports two new data types - Int64 and Boolean and a new Execution Mode - VEE 8.0. The user can use the real Boolean type -VEE_BOOL as the return type and parameter type of a compiled function. New data type Int64 allows support for 64-bit integers. VEE 8.0 now also understands byte and byte * in the compiled function headers and VEE translates them to UInt8 automatically. Benefit: The new feature extends Keysight VEE´s data type support while providing compatibility for previous versions.
  Standardize on VISA Style Devices From version 8.0, the user will find that Keysight VEE uses VISA address for all interfaces (GPIB, Serial, USB, LAN, etc). The older inconsistent I/O devices (mixed SICL & VISA) still can be supported by selecting the ""Enable Pre 8.0 Legacy IO"" under I/O tab of the Default Preferences dialog box.Benefit: The feature provides a uniform approach for users to declare or use I/O devices.
  Display Multiple Traces on Graph Objects through a single input pin A new Boolean Graph property is added called ´MatrixInput´ in detail view properties. When this MatrixInput property is set to True, the Keysight VEE Graph object would accept a 2D Array as Input data and display multiple traces simultaneously. The Data container comes into a graph on a single input pin. The graph figures out how many traces are needed; shows the appropriate number of trace legends, and plots their points.Benefit:This feature allows the user to display multiple traces (an array of traces) with the Keysight VEE Graph objects without knowing how many traces there will be ahead of time.
  Multiple Transaction Enhancements This feature enhances all Keysight VEE transaction-based objects (e.g. Direct IO, To/From File, To/From IVI-COM, Sequencer, etc ). The user can now perform many operations like copy, delete, select, etc. on multiple transactions and move transactions up or down the list easily with the standard Windows keyboard shortcuts.Benefit: The user can create and edit transactions more efficiently by operating on multiple transactions at the same time and never be confused with any non-standard shortcuts.
  NIDAQ Support Updated to Include NIDAQmx Drivers From Keysight VEE Pro 8.0, Instruments Manager can find instruments with NIDAQmx drivers automatically. Benefit: This new feature extends support for more NI instruments.
  Record Usability Enhancements (Keysight VEE 8.0 enhances Record usability in three aspects.) Declare Variable now has a Generate context menu for Record data type. The user can generate Record Constant objects, Build Record objects, and Unbuild Record objects. Record Constant object now has a new Generate context menu for Record data type. The user can generate Declare Variable objects or Unbuild Record objects. Keysight VEE 8.0 Benefit: This new feature provides faster and easier methods to declare, build, and unbuild Record Variables or Constants.provides a new built-in function, buildRecord( ), allows you to build a record by specifying the field names and field values at runtime.
  Allow Scrolling in Panel View From Keysight VEE 8.0, scrollbars can be set to automatically appear when your panel view is not large enough to display all objects. This feature can be turned on or off by changing the Panel property named ""ScrollbarsEnabled."" The default is off. Benefit:
Now, the user can create panel view on one machine and distribute to another without having to worry about their screen resolution differences.
Version Features Features description
7.5 Easy, menu-driven control of Excel Keysight VEE Pro 7.5 features a new Excel menu with functions for controlling all of the common Excel operations. For instance, you can send data to and read data from Excel spreadsheets, whether the data be text or numeric, single-point or multi-dimensional. The new Keysight VEE Pro menu selections also allow Keysight VEE Pro programs to control Excel, such as creating worksheets, formatting them, creating graphs, etc. Benefit: Now VEE users can easily control Excel. With just a few graphical objects, VEE programmers can communicate with Excel to read in test parameters, log test results for later use, generate reports automatically, and more. View a detailed list of VEE Pro 7.5's new Excel control functions.
  Integrated support for National Instruments data acquisition and modular instrumentation hardware Keysight VEE Pro now provides integrated support for National Instruments data acquisition and modular instrumentation hardware for interfaces such as PCI, PXI, SCXI and USB. The devices appear in Keysight VEE Pro´s Instrument Manager alongside GPIB, USB, LAN, VXI, serial and parallel port devices. You can program them through Keysight VEE Pro's familiar transaction objects, much like you would program with a VXIplug&play instrument driver. Also, users can choose to program the devices with the functions in the NI-DAQ ""Traditional"" API or the modular instrument APIs (NI-SCOPE, NI-DMM, NI-FGEN, NI-SWITCH). Online help is provided for each function.
With Keysight VEE Pro 7.5, you can easily add data acquisition functionality to your Keysight VEE Pro program without spending time setting up direct calls to a .dll. This approach also gives Keysight VEE Pro users the ability to create data acquisition programs without sacrificing Keysight VEE Pro´s unequaled ease of use.
  New, built-in sample programs and Instrument Manager auto-detect functionality Keysight VEE Pro 7.5 includes new sample programs, written by instrument and Keysight VEE Pro experts, covering top 150 Keysight instruments. Each sample configures an instrument, acquires data or controls its output, then analyzes, displays and saves results to a file. The samples, which cover all major Keysight instrument classes, have user interface panels and source code, and they are designed to be building blocks that can easily be customized even by casual Keysight VEE Pro users. There also are advanced samples that demonstrate how to program complex instruments and take advanced measurements. To make these samples even easier to use, Keysight VEE Pro´s Instrument Manager now automatically recognizes connected instruments for which Keysight VEE pro has a sample program, and Keysight VEE Pro can automatically set up those samples to use the configured address and bus.
Regardless of your experience level with Keysight VEE Pro, get started with Keysight instruments FAST so you can focus on solving your engineering challenges, not on solving programming issues.
  Support for Microsoft® .NET controls The .NET framework provides dozens of user interface control and display objects, such as the ComboBox, TreeView and DataGrid. These controls are easily accessible using Keysight VEE Pro´s .NET Controls feature. You may also access third-party .NET controls by using this feature.Benefit: Keysight VEE Pro users now can augment the built-in Keysight VEE Pro user interface objects with .NET framework controls and commercially available .NET controls in order to build richer user interfaces.
  Quick access to the powerful .NET framework through the new .NET Operation Builder Keysight VEE Pro´s new .NET Operation Builder provides a wizard-like interface so users can quickly browse for .NET functions and create function calls/operations. The operations are generated into Keysight VEE Pro´s familiar transaction box. Benefit:
Keysight VEE Pro Version 7.0 opened Keysight VEE Pro to the .NET framework. Now Keysight VEE Pro 7.5 reduces the time needed to find and use these functions.
  Simplified integration of IVI-COM instrument drivers through the new IVI-COM Operation Builder Keysight VEE Pro 7.5´s IVI-COM Operation Builder presents users an intuitive function hierarchy as well as a function panel interface to each driver command. Benefit:
Keysight VEE Pro Version 7.0 opened Keysight VEE Pro to using industry-standard IVI-COM instrument drivers. Keysight VEE Pro 7.5 reduces the time needed to program instruments using these industry-standard instrument drivers.
  "For Each" Statement Keysight VEE Pro´s new ""For Each"" statement is similar to the ""For Count"" or ""For Range"" objects, but it executes the statement block for each element in an array. Keysight VEE Pro´s ""For Each"" is analogous to the ""For Each"" in the Visual Basic or the ""foreach"" statement in the C#.Benefit:Saves time and coding space.
  Keysight VEE Pro Object Description Indicator Keysight VEE Pro has a new ""object description indicator,"" a small red triangle that appears in the upper right corner of objects that have a description.Benefit: Keysight VEE Pro 7.5 makes documenting, re-using and debugging programs simpler.
  "Go to Panel" link on each Keysight VEE Pro object When you right click on an object on Keysight VEE Pro´s Detailed View, you now can select ""Go to Panel"" to jump to the corresponding Panel object. This complements Keysight VEE Pro´s ""Go to Detail"" option for objects on the Panel.Benefit:This saves you the time and trouble of searching for the associated Panel object.
Version Features Features description
7.0 Programmatically use .NET Assemblies Keysight VEE Pro 7.0 provides built-in access to the Microsoft .NET Framework. The .NET Framework contains feature-rich classes that allow you to easily access system functions and interact with other applications. Benefit: Seamless access to other applications; A simplified and consistent way to access the power of Windows. Now it is much easier to programmatically complete common tasks such as managing files, sending email reports, invoking a web page, or accessing database records.
  Undo Most common operations now allow for UNDO/REDO. Benefit: Environment is easier to use, allowing for quick fix of mistakes using a similar style to Microsoft applications, making you more productive.
  Object Property Editing Adds a Visual BASIC-style property-editing box where you can easily change a host of properties for your Keysight VEE Pro objects. It is simple, works in multiple views, and allows you to edit single or multiple objects simultaneously. Benefit: Increases your productivity in building and editing objects.
  Panel Edit Features The Keysight VEE Pro 7.0 release adds the following panel editing features:
Visible grid
Alignment of objects
""Rubber-band"" selection of objects
Bring to front
Tab order
and others
Improved user interface, similar to the Microsoft model. Easier to use, thus saving you time.
  Rich Text Format for Notepad and Description The Notepad object and the description box for any object in Keysight VEE Pro 7.0 now provide for full editing capabilities. Font, color, undo, redo, web links, word wrap etc. are now available. These objects can be edited within Keysight VEE Pro or can be pasted from any .rtf (rich text format) editor. You can also add custom edit templates if you want to reuse your standard forms or fields in these objects. Benefit: Better documentation for improved usage and maintainability of programs.
  Connectivity for USB Based Instruments Keysight VEE Pro 7.0 now supports devices with a Universal Serial Bus (USB) connection that implement the USB TMC protocol. (This is an industry-standard protocol that allows USB instrumentation to be programmed with the same commands and syntax as GPIB instrumentation. It allows your existing programs to be moved easily to new, USB instrumentation). Benefit: Improved throughput using USB 2.0. Connect directly from your computer USB port to your instrumentation saving the cost of GPIB cards and cables. Move your existing programs to new USB instrumentation with a minimum of reprogramming. Replace RS-232 connections with fast USB connections.
  Direct LAN Connectivity Keysight VEE Pro 7.0 now provides enhanced support for devices with a LAN connection. Keysight Keysight VEE Pro supports LAN devices implementing the VXI-11 protocol. (This is an industry-standard protocol that allows LAN instrumentation to be programmed with the same commands and syntax as GPIB instrumentation. It allows your existing programs to be moved easily to new, LAN instrumentation). Keysight VEE Pro can also use a sockets-based connection for instruments that do not implement VXI-11. Benefit: Improved throughput using LAN. Connect directly from your computer LAN port or hub to your instrumentation saving the cost of GPIB cards and cables or LAN/GPIB gateways. Gain easy, remote or distributed access to instrumentation via LAN (Web) connections. Move your existing programs to new LAN instrumentation with a minimum of reprogramming (when using VXI-11).
  Support of IVI-COM Instrument Drivers IVI-COM instrument drivers are the latest standard for instrument compatibility and interchangeable instrument drivers. Established by the IVI Foundation, they encourage instrument manufacturers to produce instrument drivers that allow interchangeablity with similar instruments (e.g. from other manufacturers). Keysight VEE Pro 7.0 supports any IVI-COM compliant driver as well as all existing drivers (e.g. VXIplug&play drivers, legacy drivers, .dll drivers). Benefit: Access to industry-standard instrument drivers. Using IVI-COM instrument drivers allows greater flexibility in selecting instrumentation and provides a higher level of portability of your programs as you change or upgrade test systems.
Version Features Features description
6.2 Licensing has been simplified for you! A product key is all you need. No more trips to the web, no need to find your LAN ID, node locking, etc., before you can use Keysight VEE Pro. When you download Keysight VEE Pro, you are receiving a fully functional product and no additional software is required. The difference between the evaluation version and purchased version is the Product Key. When you purchase Keysight VEE Pro, the Product Key is shipped to you. You are prompted for this product key when you start Keysight VEE Pro for the first time.
The Product Key gives you a perpetual license for Keysight Vee Pro. If you download the evaluation version from the Web, you have a 30 day time period to review it, after which it no longer works. If you decide to purchase it during the evaluation period, a Product Key and instruction manuals are shipped to you. To upgrade an evaluation version to a perpetual license, select Product Key from the Keysight VEE Pro menu choice and enter the key there.
Version Features Features description
6.1 A new licensing procedure
Support for Windows XP
MATLAB® R12 compatibility
6.0 New features:
- Multimedia Tutorials
- Integrated MATLAB® Script
- Callable VEE ActiveX Automation Server
- New Data Types
- VEE 6 Execution Mode
- New Functions
- VEE I/O Configuration File Saved with Program
- Programmable Instrument Properties
- Dynamic I/O Automation Server
- Added I/O Diagnostics Features
- Instrument Manager Toolbar Button
- VXI 64-bit Memory Access Support
- PC Plug-In Card Support
- Added Program Explorer Submenu
- New RunTime Option
- Program Settings Stored in Registry
- MAPI Email Support
- Microsoft Intellimouse Wheel Support
- Improved Install Program
- Variant to VEE Data Type Conversion - Improved Array -
-Improved Automation Server Cleanup
- Additional Graphics File Support
- Improved XY Marker Properties
- Smarter Creation of Transaction Pins
- Get and Set Formula Buttons
- Updated Functions
- Improved PC Execute Object
- Instrument Manager Update
- Convenient Object Resizing
- Additional Keyboard Shortcuts
- Improved Sequence Line Color
- Configuration Save Options
Version Features Features description
5.0 ActiveX Support Keysight VEE Pro for Windows supports ActiveX automation and controls on PCs running Windows® 95/NT® 4.0 or greater (not supported on UNIX).
  ActiveX automation lets you use Keysight VEE Pro as an Automation Controller. This lets you control other applications such as Microsoft® Word, Excel, and Access for activities such as sending data to the applications for report generation. This fully supersedes our current application control solution, Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE), for automation-capable applications.
  ActiveX controls available from various vendors, extend Keysight VEE Pro´s functionality by providing domain-specific services via ActiveX automation properties, methods and events. Most ActiveX controls also provide a user interface that let you manipulate a control such as a Calendar to initiate events based on calendar dates.
  Web Monitoring Keysight VEE Pro includes a built-in Web server letting you monitor and troubleshoot a Keysight VEE Pro application from a remote Web browser using standard HTTP protocol. You can use this feature to:
- Troubleshoot a system running on the factory floor
- Retrieve information from a VEE program
- Monitor a test system
  XY Displays contain several enhancements that let you define scale labels and their spacing, and set number formats.
  Knob, Slider and Indicator Objects contain enhancements that let you select logarithmic or linear scaling, set number formats, and control tic mark labels and their spacing.
  Formula Object accepts expressions in multiple lines. When you enter one or more expressions, you can have one expression per line, or split the expression(s) over multiple lines.
  UserFunction Menu let you automatically generate calls to UserFunctions from the objects and functions most frequently used for calling UserFunctions: Call, Formula, If/Then/Else, showPanel(), and hidePanel().
  SavePanelImage Function allows programmatic rendering of an VEE UserFunction panel to a file letting you dynamically embed an VEE panel in a report.
  Development Environment The VEE Development Environment contains several changes including:
- Execution Mode has changed to Compatibility Mode in the Default Preferences dialog box; modes are VEE 3, VEE 4, and Standard
- Select Function dialog box is now Function & Object Browser (Device menu). It is Function Browser on UNIX
- Expanded Clipboard support lets you copy object bitmaps from VEE to other Windows applications
- .vxe binary file format for smaller files and better security for RunTime programs
- Better access to online Help information
  Interface and Instrument Configuration VEE changed the Instrument Manager appearance, and its interaction with HP-IB/GPIB interface cards to simplify instrument and interface configuration.
Version Features Features description
4.0 Speed Enhancements
Work Space Appearance and Operation
The biggest change to Keysight VEE Pro is the new execution engine. Look here for information on the changes you may have to make to your programs so they can run in the Compiled mode.
These features help to increase productivity and satisfaction when you are creating and working with large Keysight VEE Pro programs.
  Instrument Manager
Debugging and Other Enhancements
A new way to configure and access instrument control objects is located under I/O ==> Instrument Manager. This will be the method used for all types of Instrument I/O(including VXIplug&play). This new Instrument Manager also lets you find the instruments and interfaces that are currently connected to your computer.
These features help when you´re debugging your programs, and increase functionality.
  Callable VEE and the VEE ActiveX Control The Callable VEE API is a simple ANSI C library that lets you link Keysight VEE Pro 4.0 user functions into existing C/C++ applications. The new Keysight VEE Pro 4.0 ActiveX Control lets you link Keysight VEE Pro 4.0 user functions into Visual Basic or any other OLE 2.0-compliant application.

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