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Episode 10 - What is the Metaverse Anyway? 

It's the season finale of Source De[Code] and we have a very special Metaverse spectacular! Join Ben as he tries to figure out what all the hype is about by talking to three past guests: Sarah LaSelva, Jonathon Wright, and Dr. Silviu Tuca. Then in the second half, Ben travels to the University of Texas at Austin to sit down with Dr. Alan Bovik, a professor of vision science who specializes in making the Metaverse experience a reality.  

Episode 9 - How to Put Big Data to Use

This week on Source De[Code], Ben gets into the biggest data of them all with guest Toby Marsden, Eggplant Global Alliances Leader at Keysight, to talk about how enterprise data gets to the right place and delivers usable results. Ben and Toby about the data storage itself, knowing where your data comes from, and how applying intelligence can be a blessing and a curse. 

Episode 8 – Manufacturing the Future with Big Data

Dive into the world of manufacturing and the processes of production as Ben and guest Derek Ong dig into how big data gives you super powers. You heard that right, super powers! Use big data to move forward and backward in time and see things you never though possible as Ben and Derek talk through where data augments the human ability.

Episode 7 – Your EV's Battery is Built on Data

This week on Source De[Code], Ben chats with Albert Groebmeyer about the value of data and its impact on electric vehicle battery design. Together Ben and Albert break down why data matters and is invaluable as a currency of trust with consumers. 

Episode 6 – A Digital Twin at the Wheel

This week on Source De[Code], Ben sits down with Dr. Silviu-Sorin Tuca to get into how digital twins are being used by automakers to build safer, smarter vehicles. Tune in and hear how drive testing for vehicular radar is transforming with emulation and digital twin technology.

Episode 5 – Digital Twins Turn 'What If' Into 'What Is'

In this week's episode, Ben sits down with Dr. Ian Rippke to talk about how the world of modeling and simulating circuits has transformed with the advent of digital twins. They get into what makes a digital twin a digital twin, and break down what the digital twin will mean for every day consumers. 

Episode 4 – The Digital Twin Network of Tomorrow

Kicking off the first episode in our series on Digital Twins, Ben sits down with Dr. Rajive Bagrodia, Chief Technologist for Digital Twins at Keysight. Ben and Rajive talk about where digital twins come from, how much information they need to immerse a system, and where digital twins might re-define the R&D process.

Episode 3 – How Do We Teach A Machine?

In the third part of our series on artificial intelligence, Ben sits down with AI-expert Jonathon Wright, Chief Technology Evangelist from Keysight to talk about what the process of getting a good, functional AI looks like. They discuss the difference between software and AI, and how a simple task requires substantial testing to get things right.

Episode 2 – How Does AI Make Cell Service Better?

This week on Source De[Code], Ben talks to Sarah LaSelva, Director of 6G Marketing at Keysight about how artificial intelligence is making it's way into the world of wireless communications. They talk about the current paradigms of AI used for managing networks and traffic, and what the future might hold for designing communication systems with AI at the helm.

Episode 1 – This Is Your Brain on AI

In this episode of Source De[Code], Ben discusses with the use of Artificial Intelligence in neuro-imaging research with Rahul Brito, a PhD Student from Harvard University. They unpack the use of AI as a tool for analyzing data, finding patterns and discovering that science fiction doesn't always line up to the real science.

Episode 0 – Source De[Code] Season 1 Trailer

Source Decode is your magic decoder ring to demystify the jargon surrounding the technology industry. We'll take a crack at the biggest and most used buzz words in the world of tech and figure out exactly what it is, how it's being used, and what the big deal is all about.

About the Show

Source De[Code] is your magic decoder ring to demystify the jargon surrounding the technology industry. Listen as host Ben Coffin interviews experts from across the wide reaches of tech to get a sense of what it means to use artificial intelligence, digital twins, big data and metaverse. In each episode, Ben and a guest expert dig into why these big technologies stick, and what their impact means for every day people and the world around us.

About the Show
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About the Host

Ben Coffin has spent the last decade in the world of test and measurement, wearing hats ranging from Systems Engineering to Business Development and everything in between. Ben is an enthusiastic story-teller and loves the intersection of people stories and technology hurdles. Today Ben spends his time as the 6G Solutions Marketing Lead at Keysight talking about how the next generation of wireless communications is going to change the world.

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