Drive Greater Test ROI

Behind Keysight's high-precision hardware lies powerful software to help you drive a higher ROI from your investment in automotive electronics test. Wherever your next automotive innovation takes you, and whether you need to analyze and generate standards-compliant automotive radar signals, simulate multiple driving scenarios, or perform end-to-end security testing, Keysight has what you need to cross the finish line ahead of your competition.

Improve Manufacturing Insight

For automotive manufacturers, maximizing the factory floor and lowering production cost are critical. Automation via Industry 4.0 holds the key.

PathWave Manufacturing Analytics drives manufacturing improvements with Industry 4.0 data analytics. Using the software, automotive manufacturers can analyze process, test and equipment data to predict and avoid equipment anomalies. Real-time detection algorithms help mitigate the risk of failure and downtime, while automated alerts provide early notification when an anomaly is detected. Use PathWave Manufacturing Analytics today to increase your productivity and asset utilization.

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