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Hawkeye – Active Network Monitoring Platform

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Problem: Preventing Network Problems and Ensuring a Consistent User Experience


Network services are critical to an organization’s survival in today’s highly IT-centric and distributed environments. However, bottlenecks, latency, Wi-Fi issues, and other hard-to-pinpoint network issues can seriously compromise a company’s network performance, business operations, and brand reputation.


Whether you are operating your own network or a service provider delivering network services, having a reliable way to continuously verify network performance and digital experience of your end users is key to ensure business continuity.


Solution: Proactively Monitor Network Performance with Active Monitoring


Hawkeye quickly and effectively validates network performance, isolates problems, and proactively detects issues by running scheduled verification tests on any site using wireline or wireless connections. Using a combination of hardware and software agents called performance endpoints, Hawkeye simulates application traffic and sends key performance metrics to a central console for fast action. The agents provide both remote-site end-user perspectives on network performance — offering network managers a proactive way to detect, diagnose, and fix issues. Measurements range from network quality to user experience, enabling network operators to improve overall uptime and detect network performance issues before they impact end users.


Easy to deploy and simple to use, Hawkeye helps IT ensure peak network performance with proactive insight.




• Get superior visibility into your live networks with Hawkeye’s advanced network and application testing technology.

• Save IT staff time by leveraging industry-leading library with hundreds of application tests that enable assessment of network throughput, class of service, unified communications, Wi-Fi connectivity tests, and much more.

• Understand the performance of your entire network and services with cost-effective active probe distribution that delivers expansive network coverage.

• Greenlight your service with pre-launch assessments by emulating real application traffic up to line rate for any network scenario over wired and wireless devices to see how it performs.

• Be a troubleshooting wonder by firing off quick validation tests with clear demarcation points and advanced Wi-Fi expert tools to find network and application issues almost

Key Features


• Web-based platform for multi-user access, test scheduling, data storage, and real-time analysis.

• Deploy endpoints with turnkey hardware or software endpoints.

• Verify your virtual infrastructure with software and virtual endpoints.

• Generate synthetic monitoring traffic on up to 10G links.

• Verify, monitor, and diagnose your user experience on wireline and wireless network.

• Take control of your last mile deliveries.

• Verify fixes put in place in your network in real-time with pass / fail metrics.

• Proactively detect network or application faults quicker with continuous interval testing throughout the days/weeks/months.

• Leverage machine learning to quickly pinpoint outliers and prioritize fixes.


Deploy Hawkeye Solution


• Deploy Hawkeye on premise web server in central location (NOC, data center, etc.)


• Strategically deploy software and hardware endpoints to cost-effectively reach any network location:


   o Customer premises

   o Mobile devices – Wi-Fi or Cellular

   o Remote sites and head offices

   o Network aggregation points (PEs)

   o Core network, MPLS routers

   o Data centers

   o Virtual machines and servers

   o In public cloud locations (Amazon, Azure…)


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