Endpoints for Hawkeye and IxChariot

Monitor the entirety of your network with physical, virtual, and cloud-based active monitoring endpoints for Hawkeye and IxChariot

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Chaos to Control

Enterprise networks are more distributed than ever. With an array of cloud applications, smart devices, branch locations, data centers, and more, making sense of network performance has never been more challenging.

That's why Keysight Hawkeye and IxChariot offer a range of physical, virtual, and cloud-based active monitoring endpoints. By deploying these across your data centers, branch locations, and cloud applications, you can conduct an array of proactive quality of service (QoS) measurements, including:

  • Node-to-node tests: Send synthetic traffic from one endpoint to another across your live network. You can set up multiple node-to-node tests in a mesh, where a single endpoint can serve both as the origin and terminus of various tests.
  • Real service tests: Send synthetic traffic to servers or network equipment — processing the response into real-time key performance indicators (KPIs).
  Node-to-node Real service
Network monitoring X  
Application and web monitoring   X
Cloud monitoring X X
Wi-Fi monitoring   X X

Choose from an Array of Active Monitoring Endpoints

Hawkeye endpoints
      Vision E1S IxProbe XRPi XRVM Docker Cloud Android iOS Windows Linux Mac 
Core capabilities
Network monitoring X X X X X X X X X X X
Application and web monitoring X X X X X X          
Cloud monitoring X X X X X X          
Inline monitoring   X                  
Fail to wire   X                  
Wi-Fi monitoring     X                
NetStack, PacketStack, AppStack X                    
Specification detail
Hardware X X X                
Software       X * OVA, AWS, AMI X X X X X X X
Interfaces 4*10G (SFP+), 6*1G BASE-T, 2*1G BASE-T, 1*USB, 1*RJ45 2*1G 1*FE, 1 Wi-Fi 2,4Ghz, 5Ghz, AC Ethernet, virtual Ethernet, virtual Public cloud Ethernet, Wi-Fi, virtual, mobile, wireless
Data sheet Download Download Download Upon Request              
Download       Install from application Install from application Install from application Google Playstore iTunes Ixia support Ixia support Ixia support

IxProbe: Meet Tough SLAs with Inline and Active Monitoring

For large corporations and network service providers, service level agreements (SLAs) are the pulse of their business. But as expectations around QoS continue to rise, meeting them is difficult without monitoring last-mile connectivity — threatening your ability to satisfy customers and maintain network access across branch sites.

An inline monitoring probe, IxProbe combines real-time monitoring, SLA verification, and synthetic QoS testing via Hawkeye — putting you in control of your network's edge with fewer truck rolls, faster troubleshooting, and effortless deployment at scale.

Vision Edge 1S: Packet, Flow, and Active Monitoring in One Rack Unit

Introduce an added level of visibility into your network's edge with Keysight Vision E1S, the only network packet broker with an integrated Hawkeye endpoint.

Boasting advanced visibility intelligence features — including PacketStack, NetStack, and AppStack — Vision E1S is Keysight's most affordable packet broker. Ideal for deployment at scale across your network's edge, Vision E1S delivers cost-effective visibility and performance monitoring to your branch sites and remote locations.

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